Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook.

I was humming and hawing about buying Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook pretty much from the moment I heard of its existence. This is my fix, my drug of choice.

Jamie does such luscious books and I have, wait while I go count, seven, oh dear, I can hardly believe that myself, seven of his books already and I hardly ever cook from them but they are soooo nice, so lovely and so pretty and sort of wholesome looking…

…but none of them a Christmas Cookbook, not that I need a Christmas Cookbook since we eat the same dinner every year (chicken liver pâté, forerib of beef, Christmas pudding and baked Alaska) but it would make me happy and maybe prevent my stabbing somebody which is often on the cards come Christmas…

…I definitely don’t need it but it would be a treat and I do need a treat. So?

‘We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious.’

I made little deals with myself:

If I buy Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook I won’t buy any Christmas magazines.
I’ll buy Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook and maybe just one magazine but I won’t get my hair done until December.
I’ll buy Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook and one magazine that has something useful in it but I need to get my hair done because my resemblance to Mrs Malfoy is gone beyond a joke but, I know, I won’t order any ridiculously extravagant Christmas food from the M&S catalogue (the book, by the way, costs roughly the same as a jar of pâté).

On I went, striking bargains with myself, all the while knowing I was going to buy the bloomin’ book and kind of enjoying the bitter-sweet torment of waiting for exactly the right moment. I do this all the time. I am that annoying person who can put a bar of chocolate in a drawer and think about it for three weeks before eating it. It drives the Husband crazy. I’m not so good at resisting cheese toasties but then, who would want a three week old cheese toastie?

Anyway, I was near the point of saying;

‘d’you know what, I’ll live without Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook. I shall instead embrace the spirit of the season and buy the RHS book of Herbs for Gourmet Gardeners which I have seen Husband drooling over.’

Then suddenly, like a Christmas miracle, I was offered the opportunity to review Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook for Bookwitty.com and I grabbed that chance like a woman possessed. Click here to read on…

Manhattan. Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook.


[PS. A little aside: I don’t get paid for referring you to Bookwitty.com. In this case, given that Bookwitty offers free postage worldwide, I think they are offering Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook at the best price around. However, depending where you live, you might want to check how long it will take to arrive.]

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15 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook.

  1. Compulsory two copies of his book – on e for me and one for my son-in-law. I generally pretend that I have had a senior moment when I order two and then graciously pass one on. He did the same with Nigella’s last book. Its a thing. Thank you for the review though because being here I had no idea the book was even out!

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  2. I love your post…know I am going to have to buy the bloody Christmas book…LOL I love Jamie Oliver and all his recipes….I used to cook the same thing year after year….infact we named our Thanksgiving meal “The Shelter Dinner, my family wanted it to be just like if we went to the shelter to eat….not quite sure how to accept that, but I made a simple turkey dinner with all the old boring side dishes for years….but I switched it up after I married my German….I love to cook big meals from other countries….so I started to do just that….cook what another country would for there holiday meal..it was a hit!!! I have had a lot of fun doing it….changed things around…last Christmas we had roladen from Germany, I make mine in a red wine brouwn sauce with a few mushrooms, rotekole (red cabbagg ) mashed potatoes, boiled carrots, spatzel…and home made rolls and someone brought homemade mustard….It was yummy….desert was what everyone brought and I think we ended up with about 7 pies and a cake…LOL another year was Itialian….one of my favorites to make…and we have also had Mexican..tamales and all that…..it changed the holiday meal…and getting to set the table to match the county was also fun….this year….well I am cooking for just my hubby and me…it will be the traditional turkey dinner sized down for 2…LOL love the book…..kat

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  3. I was very confused with that amazing soup picture. ‘Oh wow Jamie Oliver has the same china as Lynda.’ Slightly later the penny dropped. Amazing pictures, you must have had fun.

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