How Lovely Are Thy Branches.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree…


It was a fiasco. (See instagram post here)IMG_0642

Every light that could break, broke. IMG_0646

Some lights died, were resuscitated and died again. Others came out of their brand new packages dead. IMG_0661

It took seven hours, three visits to the local hardware, and a partridge in a pear tree to get it going.IMG_0651

But, despite the chaos and frustration, the mess and expense, the torment to small children waiting with baubles at the ready, for hours, it was a memorable day for all the right reasons. We kept it together. We laughed. We ate cake. We had a couple of stiff drinks. IMG_0657

We kept in mind that, even when it all seems to be going wrong, these days are precious. So very much depends on how you look at things.

This is the view from the kitchen window, street lights versus Christmas tree with honesty (lunaria) inside and teasels outside. I considered writing a whole post based on this photograph. I might yet. IMG_0673

Then I turned on my heel and took this photograph. I love the way the street light still threw its shadows on to this one.IMG_0676

The tree is up. Let the festivities begin.

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10 thoughts on “How Lovely Are Thy Branches.

  1. Ouch … the memories flood back and there’s the thing …. you are so right to hold it together (cake and drink really have no substitute in this advice) because before you blink it will be over and you will be waving goodbye to girls who are not spending Christmas with you because you did your job so well that they have their own wonderful lives to live and although you will still be joined, you will have let go of that apron string. The lump is a curious lump – the most painful I feel and yet the most joyous. And this is the thing … you draw those emotions without even realizing you are doing it. And that is great art.

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  2. Tell me about Christmas lights! My father would curse and literally fling them across the room. I would then, as a suffering 5 year old, be made to try every light with a new bulb till the circuit was complete – child labour at Christmas time!! My Mum then bought one of those “instant” Christmas trees where the lights are part of the tree – horrid thing from China. But we are now back to something simpler again and the lights are working in the Alexander household. Your tree looks lovely AND an excuse for a tipple.


  3. Oh the beautiful memories you’ve created despite what it felt like that day. You will laugh about this day so many time in the years to come. You will envy this day 10 years from now and wish it back. Thank you for sharing it with us Lynda!


  4. Oh dear. But it’s looking absolutely gorgeous now, so it’s all been worth it. I love the shot of the tree and the kitchen, it looks so peaceful. I haven’t got a tree this year, I could see that the whole tree/puppy combination had the potential for madness. But I’m missing it already. CJ xx


  5. You have a lovely warming Christmas colour to your tree, ideal with this weather. I help attached the lights, the height is required, I then leave the one with the artistic touch to do the rest. It helps maintain harmony!


  6. Your instagram post was hilarious – though I am sure it wasn’t at the time ! Poor hubby and his multiple light trips! So lovely to see the tree up on your blog and fully twinkling now. My sneaky way to avoid this drama (it would be similar in our house most years) is to go out and let husband and son put the tree up without me. It’s a tradition left over from when I sometimes worked on Saturdays and arrived home to be ‘surprised’ they’d done it without me. I then tweak the decorations over the following few days to ‘pretty it up’ a little!


  7. Beautiful tree, and you had me laughing at the Instagram story, I read it to my husband, he is of course the BaHumBug of Christmas and even though he enjoyed the Instagram story, he said he would of had it all at the curb..LOL of course he has never had children so he did have to admit, if there had been little ones he might of had to put in the effort….Your homes pictures brings nothing but love from them, beautiful tree,, and love the picture of the street and how it refuses not to show up in your picture!! Yes my friend, Enjoy each and every moment of your little ones while they are there, as I can contest that one day, you will wave good bye to them as they go out into the world to make wonderful lives and memories of there own, I contest to this, her I sit in my daughters home, with there cat Oscar alone, while they are in England at a castle for the holidays…..of course I was happy to do this for them, but a castle, really!!! LOL all in good fun…I am proud to have had them for the short time I did, memories are wonderful things…..Enjoy the holidays… the story about Nikolas as well, I love all the crocheted characters, you are so very talented. XXkat

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    1. Lucky cat, I say, to have such warm and lovely company for Christmas. Thank you, from my heart, for being so kind and supportive this year, and always, I really do appreciate it. Happy Christmas, Lynda.

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