Sultanabun goes to Paris.

If you follow my Instagram you know that Husband whisked me away to Paris for our wedding anniversary. I write that now, as if it was a normal, run of the mill occurrence but trust me, this was HUGE. I can’t remember when last I’ve felt such a surge of unadulterated excitement.

Not only did he bring me to Paris, he willingly carried all the heavy stuff and never questioned my lengthy list of things to do and places to see.

Number one, naturally, was Shakespeare and Company. This photo was taken less than 90 minutes after the plane touched down at Charles de Gaulle. You can probably tell, I’m almost crying with joy. That feeling lasted for pretty much the entire three days.IMG_2430 (2)

Around lunch time on Saturday, Husband quipped, ‘this is going to be a very long blog post.’

I started writing this morning and got to 1600 words and I haven’t even got as far as stepping inside the bookshop…IMG_2515

…I can’t imagine that any of you will ever want to read it but I have to write it because I need, really need to remember as much as I possibly can. I need to wrap up this weekend and carry it with me for the rest of my days. It was that good. It will sustain me, if only I can hold on to it.

So, forgive me if I’m not here too much for a small while. When I’ve got all the words out of my head I’ll try to decide what to do with them. All I know for now is that I have to write like the bejaysus before it’s all just a blur.


These are the spoils:ย IMG_9370 (2)

ร€ bientรดt, mes amis,


11 thoughts on “Sultanabun goes to Paris.

  1. Infectious your delight and enthusiasm. Take your time and I will be delighted and enthusiastic when you present your bite sized banquet down the line. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Cant wait. Adore Paris. I did a road trip a couple of years ago and wrote too much and did put it on my blog and even though long, I just wanted to always have a reminder of what I did. It was very exciting travelling round Europe. Just put the whole lot down and we all have an excuse to put our feet up with a tea or coffee and read for an hour or two. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Don’t stop writing till its all down on pen and paper…..what a wonderful anniversary…. I look forward to reading your trip….your excitement is contagious…..please share when you are ready….xxkat

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