English, Paper One.

A super-quickie post today as I am on official exam taxi service duty with a fairly frantic schedule and extremely stressed customers. IMG_7548

My Small Girl made my day by handing me, for the first time, a little note of her own composition. Many years ago, I framed a note that Teenage Son gave me. A couple of years later I stuck a note from his little sister into the same frame. The third note followed about six years ago and now, finally, I have the complete set. One of the many reasons I love these notes, in this frame, is that they all have a bonus on the reverse side.

From youngest up:

Small Girl: I love you Mum.
Reverse: Shoes.

The girl is succinct, accurate and cleverly references our shared appreciation of good shoes.

Middle Daughter: Mommy you are the best Mammy in the world.
Reverse: lovely illustration of Mammy and girl in a heart.

A complete sweetheart who knows how to fit a world of love into one perfect sentence.

Teenage Daughter: I love you (with garden scene and bird in the sky).
Reverse: To mama, I had a lovey day. ps there is a pachr (picture) on the back

My kind, appreciative girl who has been artistically inclined from the beginning.

Teenage Son: Opin (open, the note was folded)
Top Sucrt (secret).
Tod Toyday Todoay
I say taic (thank) yoyu for letine (letting) me sleep wit you.
Reverse:Form (from) Markk
I love you Mammy. (accompanied by his habitually armless people)

This boy just came home from English, Paper One. He is, honestly, one of the smartest people I know. I just have to hope his examiner can see what I see.



Does that explain why my nerves are shredded?

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9 thoughts on “English, Paper One.

  1. This is lovely, Lynda. The early writing our children do is just so very sweet — I’ve saved far too much of it (ahem, I think I’ve actually saved it ALL (I swear I’m not a hoarder; this sort of stuff is just way too hard to toss)) but all mine is simply boxed; I love the way you have yours framed 🙂 .
    I hope your son did well!

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    1. When I bought that frame, I can still remember, it seemed hideously expensive. It has taken me years to learn that it really is worth paying more for things you love.


  2. The thought of exams fills me with horror. I know I will be a complete mess. The notes are absolutely wonderful. How much they love you, and how sweet they have told you so. I hope all goes well for that boy of yours. And that you manage to get through it all without too much stress. Best wishes all. CJ xx

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  3. Totally. Those notes are precious. Sending good luck wishes to your examinees (I’m sure they won’t need it). Have some of that elderflower fizz (after all taxi-ing duties) and consider your job very well done indeed. S x

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  4. my heart has swelled up with notin but love……I have kept all my kids school papers from kindergarten on….so much fun to look at them over and over again….xxkat


  5. So sweet. Exams are so stressful, aren’t they? Just grateful I don’t need to do any more! My fave note from my daughter is at least 10 years old: ‘Mummy, I promise I will never make a mess ever again’
    She’s 17 now and I have simply given up on trying to go into her bedroom!

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