Cooking the Books: Fish For Friday by Frank O’Connor.

Cooking the Books: this month it’s Revolutionary Cod with Cork man Frank O’Connor.

Frank O’Connor, born Michael O’Donovan in Cork in 1903, is a writer who resides close to the hearts of Irish people simply because, for very many of us, his short story ‘First Confession’ was our first brush with great literature.

A boy of seven, searching for his bearings in the pitch dark of a confessional, locates the shelf where penitent adults might rest their elbows. He imagines the shelf is for kneeling on and clambers up, telling us he was always a competent climber, from which height he must hang upside down in order to address the bemused priest behind the grille.

As a child of ten or so, I pitched off my school chair in hysterical relief that I wasn’t alone in my fear of mortal sin, or mortal embarrassment, within the shady confines of the confession box. Click to read on, please.

IMG_6950 (2)
Frank O’Connor. Fish For Friday and A Revolutionary Cod.


2 thoughts on “Cooking the Books: Fish For Friday by Frank O’Connor.

  1. “A Committee on Evil Literature” — that’s positively dystopian!

    As a Canadian of Dutch and German descent, I’m afraid I know next-to-nothing of Irish history. This review was a fascinating eye-opener — I love learning new things 🙂 .

    And yes — I think obligation-free tradition can be very comforting.

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    1. Thanks for reading, Marian. I know it wasn’t of wide interest. Not too many readers, I’m afraid. I learned a lot myself while I was researching this. The nuns who taught me in the 1970s didn’t reveal too much about censorship!


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