The bluebells made such a pool…

I’m never certain when the right time has arrived to make the bluebell pilgrimage. This year, as ever, I doubted myself. As we walked the first 500 yards or so along the lowest path I thought, darn it, I’m too early. We’ve talked about this before, haven’t we? For hair appointments and coffee dates, school collections and bean plantings, always I err on the side of earliness. (I wrote last year about being early for bluebells but Never Too Early For Fairies.)

I scanned the verges but nary a speck of blue could I find. Then, Husband said, ‘look up,’ pointing above the next bank and there I could just make out a fringe of blue haze along the horizon. We clambered up the bank and there they were. Hang on, pause a moment in anticipation.IMG_6131 (2)


One bluebell doesn’t smell like much, just a faint floral scent, but this many packed quite the olfactory punch. I can’t remember ever smelling air so sweetly perfumed. When ever they give us smellyvision I’ll go back and capture it for you.

This is the view up to the top of the hill.IMG_6170

And, if I turn on my heel and swivel, this is the view down to the road and, beyond that, the River Bandon.IMG_6176

This is a place where I usually find myself breathing deeper, relaxing, but this time I was almost breathless at the beauty of it. I ambled along with a silly grin on my face, resigned to the knowledge that there was no hope at all of capturing anything but a pale impression of it.

By the way, to the person who climbed a huge tree and placed a mirror in the perfect position, thank you.

IMG_6194 (2)IMG_6196

Dromkeen is a small Wood where fairies are well known to wander. In fact, we believe our resident fairies sometimes go on their holidays to Dromkeen. If you look closely, you can spot fairy doors, fairy windows and fairy washing hung out to dry. Some unscrupulous parents would have their children believe that the fairies leave messages. IMG_6198

Up and up we scampered. The dog, I’ve got to tell you, thought he had died and gone to doggy nirvana. IMG_6206

And then turned around and down again.IMG_6218

‘The bluebells made such a pool that the earth had become like water, and all the trees and bushes seemed to have grown out of the water. And the sky above seemed to have fallen down to the earth floor; and I didn’t know if the sky was the earth or the earth was water. I had been turned upside down. I had to hold the rock with my fingernails to stop me falling into the sky of the earth or the water of the sky.’ Graham Joyce. Some Kind of Fairytale.


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15 thoughts on “The bluebells made such a pool…

  1. I found myself breathing deep to capture the divine smell I could see on my screen….I am using your blue bells as my desk top….what a special place to visit….thanks for sharing…and if I may say….your look marvelous……xxxkat

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