Earth Day Challenge.

The WordPress Earth Day photo challenge asks that I choose one photo, just one, that means ‘earth’ to me.

The one that immediately materialized in my mind’s eye was Mike Collins’ mind-blowing photograph. It’s here. Who could beat that? It makes my head spin with wonder.

This is mine:

IMG_6094 (2)

Just hanging on and sucking up the good stuff.

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20 thoughts on “Earth Day Challenge.

  1. Nice! This is what I’m trying to achieve! Sharp and close photo of a bee or other insect in the flower :). I love it! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I’ve found that setting my camera to a high shutter speed works well for bees. Also, I think it’s easier in the evening when they slow down a little. I’m a total amateur, for every good shot there are 12 blurry ones! Keep going.

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  2. Very appropriate considering we would not exist on this earth if it wasn’t for these amazing creatures. Beautiful photo.


  3. Great minds … when I saw that challenge I immediately thought of bees. Without them we have a mere four years I am told. Your picture makes me want to hug the little chubber (though of course he would then lance me with his only sting and disembowelled die a needless death so I will keep my love and admiration for him at a distance)

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    1. Equally head-spinning is the fact that it was taken almost 50 years ago and hasn’t been topped. Michael Collins is still the person who has traveled farthest from Earth, still a hero, a thorough gentleman and all around good guy.

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