The Ultimate Chocolate Cake and an Extraordinary Book.

Kate Atkinson. Life After Life. Cooking the books.

My small girl was born half-strangled, the umbilical cord wrapped four times around her neck. Unlike the birth days of my other children, it’s not a memory I like to revisit. What-ifs crowded so closely against reality that I can’t think about what happened without also re-living the nightmare of what nearly happened. My small girl was born on…

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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Chocolate Cake and an Extraordinary Book.

  1. I’ve ordered the book. Hence the very small delay between reading and replying. I have to read this. I just know I have to read this. Thank you … you are my book angel 😇

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      1. I will share as soon as … still pacing impatiently and accosting post lady daily which is entirely unreasonable of me since it normally takes about 10 days for things to arrive here 🙂

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      2. In that case you should probably go ahead and order A God In Ruins, just to have it standing by! Pass the time by watching Jackson Brodie on the telly if you can get it.

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  2. Reblogged this on On the Road Cooking and commented:
    What a wonderful review…I can not wait to read “Life After Life” by Kate Atkinson! The chocolate cake recipe is awesome, as well.
    I believe I will gobble up both!!

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  3. I read this when it came out and I was blown away. I couldn’t read another book for weeks afterwards. I love your take on it and love the sound (and look) of this cake. I’m off to check how many eggs we have… Thank you. X

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  4. Interesting book…I just ordered it….I am looking forward to diving into it, I may have to make the chocolate cake for the beginning and end…LOL I was a blue baby…I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck as well…I was born on a stretcher in the mom said her doctor stopped to speak to her on the way to the delivery room and she said something was terribly wrong…generally she had babies by simply sneezing…so he quickly did an exam right there and unwrapped the cord and poof, there I was…..I am also the baby of the family and a very special gal on top of it….xxkat.

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