In Conversation with Darina Allen.

How nervous do you think I was about speaking with Darina Allen?

Double that. Husband spent last weekend re-assuring me that we know Darina is a lovely woman. I mostly ignored him and studied every scrap of information I could find, cramming like I haven’t done since, oh let’s see, 1994 or thereabouts. I don’t know why I imagined Darina Allen would be inclined to quiz me but I was determined that I should not be found wanting.

I may apply for Mastermind now, specialist subject, ‘Ballymaloe 1964-present.’

Interviewing Darina Allen.

Well, yes, he was right. He usually is.

Darina Allen couldn’t have been nicer. She was generous with her time, informative and, to be honest, downright inspiring. She reminds me of all the best teachers I ever had. The ones who truly scared the living daylights out of me, not because of any threats of punishment but because their expectations were so high.

Darina Allen’s gift is that, like all great teachers, she will make you believe you can do better.

Read the full interview by clicking here.

Darina Allen with kale. Credit. Kristin Perers.
Darina Allen at home in her 100 acre organic farm. Credit for photo: Kristin Perers.

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14 thoughts on “In Conversation with Darina Allen.

  1. If you’re going to dream, dream big …. Ireland could be an organic island and with Darina continuing to motivate, inspire and educate I believe it honestly can happen. Food literacy must surely be the single most important thing we can learn. That and how to interview an icon as elegantly as you did. I loved reading this, really really loved it. Thank you. Just that.


      1. You know me, I only ever say what I mean …. you met an icon and you carried the interview off with poise and assurance and grace. This is to be celebrated. It’s Friday night – something suitably bubby one thinks!

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  2. Brilliant interview, loved it, and I love Darina Allen’s passion for the slow food movement. I like the idea that if you don’t pay for wholesome organic food you’ll end up paying the doctor or the pharmacist instead – very true I think. Her new book sounds fantastic, right up my grow-your-own street, I shall look out for it. CJ xx

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    1. Thanks, CJ. I loved that comment too. It’s a very convincing statement. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know about the book when it comes out…I’ll be first in line!! Have a great weekend.


  3. Super-duper interview – well done! Gosh, she’s an inspiration. Her new book sounds fab. I love her take on teaching (that if you REALLY want to show someone how to do something you’ll be able to teach them) – that’s so right. Hope you have a lovely weekend basking in the glory of a job very well done. S xx

    1. Oh Sam, thank you so much. Honestly, your faith in me has been a big contributor to getting me this far! I have a bottle of prosecco chilling for tonight and a box of seeds for planting tomorrow so the weekend is looking mighty fine. Hope yours is lovely too and best of luck to you and your children at the fair.

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      1. I’m delighted if I’ve in any way helped to encourage you to do what you do so well. It’s brilliant that you’ve found your thing. x

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  4. Great interview….and now an hour later I have viewed the Christmas show for Simply Delicious, the site is saved on my favorites, I already had Ballymaloe saved on my favorites as it is on my bucket list to visit and have a wonderful meal with you….what a lovely way to spend a few hours, sitting and chatting with Darina…wonderful interview….she sounds like someone you good become good friends with….what a fun day……hope you celebrated…job well done….xxxkat

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