Off My Trolley.

Hands up, who remembers The Looting of Doon? Well, that little tea trolley that I got for a fiver at the convent auction has turned out to be a stellar investment. I wheel it around to whichever window is getting the best light, take my snaps and trundle it back again to home position. Usually, it lives here, against the kitchen window which has turned out to be the busiest part of the whole house.


Just take this picture. You can see my sweet geranium cuttings which have taken beautifully over the winter.They must be the easiest cuttings in the world to take which is a good thing as the recent frost wiped out the few I abandoned outside. There are three in that tomato tin so I probably need to pot them on soon but I’m running short of windowsills.

Next up are some of my chitting first early seed potatoes. I think I need to plant those soon. Beyond the potatoes you can make out the Verbena and fennel seed heads which successfully lured goldfinches all winter. They’ve been stripped bare now and need tidying up. Jeanie Mac, this post is starting to make me all too aware of how much work I have to do.

Moving our gaze swiftly past the extremely dusty vase, you see the massive bunch of daffs Husband brought home on Valentine’s Day. He knows what I like. They were all closed on Tuesday too, which is the way I love to get them, and I have been taking great pleasure in watching them open into a blaze of yellow glory. They smell warm and sweet and garden-y. That urge to get out in the garden is rising.

The little jam jar holds a ‘science experiment’ that Small Girl and I are monitoring together. We filled the jar with toilet paper, dampened it, and ‘planted’ two broad beans. One is planted the right way up and the other is upside down.

broad bean geotropism experiment. science for kids.

The one that’s planted the right way up does exactly what you imagine…the root emerges and grows downwards.

broad bean geotropism, science for kidsbroad bean, geotropism, science for kids,

The upside-down root pops out its little head and then turns around and heads down. Geotropism in action, my friends. I know you know all this but it really is fun to watch!

broad bean, geotropism, science for kids.

My brain has been very busy lately and I felt the symptoms of a crash creeping upon me. There is nothing at all wrong, just too many projects on the go and a nasty virus trying its best to floor me. When I saw this tiny embroidery project on the front of a magazine I knew it was exactly the therapy I needed.

Mollie Makes embroidery hoop

I’m actually quite proud of myself for having spotted the signs rather than folding under the wave as occasionally happens. That, I think, counts as progress. Sometimes I just need a tiny boost to keep my head above water.

Mollie Makes embroidery hoop

Small Girl sat beside me with her pencils and colouring book while I did ‘colouring in with thread’ as she called it. Bliss.

Mollie Makes, #molliemakers, embroidery hoop

People always tell you to look at the big picture. I find the whole big picture overwhelming. Making plans for the future, trying to raise decent people, letting them loose, surviving school exams, Trump, Brexit, our faltering government…it’s too much. I do better when I focus in on the best bits, the small things that give me a momentary spark of joy. If I continue to train my eye on one small spark after another…before I know it, there will be a blaze. That’s the plan.img_4203-2

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21 thoughts on “Off My Trolley.

  1. There is nothing finer than a trolley and I do remember your looting of Doon and how that trolley came to you. And how you made it prettier and now I am delighted to see it working hard (as it surely always did) for it’s little keep. When we got back to France it was to find that my Money Tree Plant (Crasula) cuttings had basically taken over the bathroom – this is what happens when we turn out back on fertile creatures with a will to live and it has delighted me. Husband is in shock as we now have even more of the blighters but I have blithely told him that they honestly do bring fortunes. Eventually. I am convinced of the fact. I love the daffies. Nothing, but nothing is more exuberant. Have you all a wondrous, joyous, plentiful in love weekend, won’t you now?

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  2. You so eloquently describe the overwhelming NOISE and what it can do to one. I do hope you’re ok, Mrs. Focusing on small beauties – creative tasks, daffodils, tropisms (which are fascinating!) – is the best thing to do in my book. Your embroidery is lovely. x

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  3. I know exactly what you mean, the big picture can be really overwhelming at times can’t it. I’ve been feeling a bit worn down as well lately. I was just stood in the kitchen wondering which job I should do next, and I suddenly though, I’ll sit down for a while, just take a little break. Love your geranium cuttings, I think I might grow some this year, they always do well. Hope you’re feeling a bit perkier soon, look after yourself, and have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

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    1. You made me laugh there. I have the same inclination to just sit down for a bit. I think I’ve beaten the bug and I’m getting perkier.I’m certain we are about to turn the corner to springtime! Thanks for the kind thoughts, Lynda.


  4. I have a little embroidery project that keeps haunting me to do it…infact it fell out on the floor the other morning when I was looking for a needle and thread to sew a button back on my husbands pants….he clean popped it off….it was a true sign of love of my cooking…LOL but perhaps a little to much…LOL, I have had this small table runner that I was going to do a year ago and it has been nudging at me every time I am in that area..LOL I agree with all the BS ( I will just shorten up the list of clutter in my mind to that) I think you have a great idea…..a little handy work and mind ease will go a long way to make me feel centered….I do not have a little one to sit at my side…but I have wonderful memories to help fill my mind…..lots of energy to help fight the virus away……love the yellow daffodils, and yup, looks like you a bit of planting to do….my fingers are itching to help….xxxxkat

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