Middle-Aged Couple Collapse In Front Of Pilates DVD.

Alright, in fairness to Amit (the remarkably bendy and unreasonably cheerful man in the photo below), we collapsed in peels of laughter. The tears, mind you, were of genuine pain.img_3464-2

Husband posed in front of the camera and pleaded with me to show you his best attempt at this pose but…ah, no…I feel he might regret it and you have imagination enough to fill the gap. Suffice to say, we are making efforts to get bendier in 2017.

Christmas was brilliant. I believe we may claim to have kept it well. My favourite moment of Christmas is always the lighting of the candle on Christmas Eve. As a child I was told that the candle was to light the way for the Holy Family. More recently, President Mary Robinson revived and enriched the tradition as a beacon for the Irish Diaspora.  In our house it is a moment of quiet nostalgia, a lull in the mayhem, a deep peaceful breath.

Christmas candle. Irish tradition.

And then…Christmas morning mayhem

You know it’s a good Christmas when you eat Baked Alaska…baked alaska, Nigella's recipe.

…TWICE!Baked Alaska no.2

That sloe (left) and damson (right) gin were SO worth making! There’s little to choose between them really. The pure sloe version has a bit more zing to it but both are delicious and make fantastic G&Ts. Sloe gin (left) and Damson gin (right).

All that gin meant that only the least taxing of crochet projects could be attempted so I whiled away a couple of movies making little cotton facecloths. I never quite understood why people bothered crocheting facecloths but it was a most relaxing and oddly satisfying occupation. It gave me that feeling that I could survive as a pioneer in the wilderness. Just give me a hook and some yarn and I might cobble together a whole home.crocheted cotton dk facecloth.

Of course, there were many lovely and thoughtful gifts.

My Small Girl made this flower for me and wrapped it up herself in a massive wad of sellotape which significantly delayed the Christmas breakfast.  sunflower

Middle Girl had this stunning bookmark made for me. Always bookmark. In memory of Alan Rickman, aka Snape.Yes, I cried.

Teenage Daughter created our family, including the dog (!), as Lego people! We are all even wearing our favourite outfits! Husband’s Nasa t-shirt is perfect! Are you flabbergasted? I was. Our family, in Lego.

Teenage Son is one of the few people I can rely on to buy me a book. Naturally, he bought a book which he was eager to read himself. He was literally breathing down my neck as I finished the last page and took it from my hands before I closed the cover. The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson is just as quirky and daft as The Hundred Year Old Man.

The girl who saved the king of Sweden. Jonas Jonasson

Santa may also have been guilty of delivering books which he was eager to read for himself. Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens was in Middle Girl’s stocking and we both enjoyed it very much. It’s sort of a British Nancy Drew; very retro and sweet.

Mistletoe and Murder. Robin Stevens.

Oh, this one… A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig…deep contented sigh. It’s a perfect book and one I’m certain will become a Christmas classic. A Boy Called Christmas. Matt Haig. Instant classic

Stuffed full of Baked Alaska, we eventually left the house and walked off a gin or two.The beach always seems to be the perfect antidote to the massive lethargy that builds over Christmas.The Dock . Kinsale, Ireland

I thought, before Christmas, that I had run out of energy. I felt that I was spinning too many plates and not getting anything done properly. I was disappointed with my efforts.

I have taken a good, long rest. I have devoted the last couple of weeks to being a Mammy.

I am itching to write again but…

but, but, but… I have run out of gumption. I’ve known all along that if I stopped writing, even for a short while, I would be overtaken by nerves. I’m afeared (spellcheck doesn’t like that word but I do) that I’m making a holy show of myself and afeared that I am exposing myself and my family to ridicule. I’m filled with collywobblish trepidation and, at the same time, filled with the urge to carry on. The only cure, I suppose, is to fake it and see what happens. I should breathe deeply. Those were Amit’s last words just before I keeled over sideways.

Onwards, to a very bendy New Year!

Jamesfort, Kinsale, Ireland.

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18 thoughts on “Middle-Aged Couple Collapse In Front Of Pilates DVD.

  1. Oh how I love your posts Lynda. Each of your children gave you such amazing personal thoughtful gifts. A true reflection of your parenting and love. I have a little tear. After what I’ve been through this week I adore this for the joy it brought me. Love all the way from mars to Ireland. Xo

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  2. Sounds like a lovely Christmas, and what wonderful gifts from your children, amazing. Very impressed with the pilates. Good to hear you are pressing on with writing. It’s a good thing I think. CJ xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Always a joy to read your posts, Lynda. I though for one dreadful moment that you were going to say you’re stopping your blog (Nooo!!!)! Phew. Please keep writing! Your children’s gifts are wonderful, especially the hand-made ones. Here’s to a bendy and prolific year 😊 xx


  4. Hold your nose and jump back in … you are a great writer and the doubtfulness is just par of the condition of being a writer. I love this as much as I always love your posts and I look forward to reading much more from you this year. I wish you and your family a year filled with joy and laughter and peace and contentment and of course brimming over with love which, as it turns out, and in my less than humble opinion really IS all you need (witness those fabulous presents crafted by your loving brood)


  5. What a creative woman you are! Raising a very creative family. What a gift to them, to you, and to the world. You seem to have gotten life right. I’m not sure if you have a full-time job outside of the home or not, but either way, I completely admire and envy the life you have created for you and your family. I often lament that I want more of that kind of life, but I don’t have the time due to my full-time work commitment, but I also know there are women out there making it happen regardless. I wish I knew their secret! Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Kim, if you only knew how I’ve lashed myself over the whole working-mom issue. Right now, I am in the very fortunate position to be at home full-time. I have worked part-time (very part-time) when our mortgage would otherwise have gone into arrears but I found it a huge strain. I honestly don’t know how mothers ‘do it all’ but yes, some people seem to manage it. I am certainly not one of them. I make a tiny income from my book reviews and otherwise I am a very old-fashioned housewife. My mother is still distraught that I have wasted my university education but I felt that to use it would have been to waste my life. I consider myself hugely lucky to have been in a position to make choices, however difficult they may sometimes have been. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. That’s what makes this all worthwhile.

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  6. Hello! Don’t lack confidence with your writing, I’ve come out of blogland lurking and am commenting for the first time to let you know how enjoyable your writing is and how much I look forward to reading your posts! (I follow you on instagram too!) I think I came to you via The Quince Tree and I really appreciate your book reviews and intelligent but witty and accessible writing on domestic life. You’re also teaching me about your lovely country which I’ve never visited and I ‘hear’ your Irish accent when reading your words. You brighten my days when I haven’t had a chance to connect with real life friends x

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  7. Hi, from across the globe. It looks like a merry Christmas. I’ll have to put ‘A Boy Called Christmas’ on our list for next December. I’ve read Matt Haig’s ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ which was great. Thanks for your lovely photos, which I love, coming from a far hotter climate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ on my list…I must read that soon. I love the simple clarity of his style. I have put a note in my brand new diary to write about ‘A Boy..’ early next December. It is pure magic.


  8. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas…..loved the baked Alaska….Belated happy Holidays….and welcome to the new year…..whoooo hooooo its gonna be a good one!!!!! Well maybe not the government part but my personal life…..yesereeee……

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I just finished watching it….I am giving him 6 months….then I will voice my opinion….he is defiantly as asshat….always has been…but lets see what he can do….


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