Books about books.

I met a young woman many years ago, when I also was a young woman, who corrected me when I drew her attention to the geraniums on my balcony. She, quite rightly, informed me that they were actually called pelargoniums. Boy, oh boy, did that ever rankle. I’ve never made the same mistake again. She also told me that fair isle knitting was very easy and I should try it. I didn’t.

Years and years passed while I maintained a mulish resistance to fair isle. Then, last week I went to the supermarket for a loaf of bread and came home with Let’s Knit magazine. This, I swear to you, is the first knitting magazine I have ever bought. I saw a picture of a little fair isle teddy on the cover, full instructions were promised and the yarn was all included, and that thread of stubborn resistance inside me just snapped. It was old, I suppose, and frayed and ready to go. What a relief.

Here he is:hand-knit teddy and books about books.

It’s just a teeny, weeny bit of fair isle work but I am quite proud of it.

Now, you might be wondering why he is standing with a stack of books. I’m amused by how often I find myself piling up stacks of books to be photographed these days. It makes me very happy to, laughingly, call this work.

To find out what those books have in common, you can read my article on here. Teddy doesn’t feature in the article, he just stuck his head in for a quick photo.

I rarely read two books at the same time. I like to immerse myself completely in a book, read it in as little time as possible and move on. I’m breaking my habit for a good cause. Husband gave me a present of these two books:

The East of Eden Project.

The first is John Steinbeck’s East of Eden and the second is a collection of letters which Steinbeck wrote, on a daily basis, to his editor while he was writing the novel. In the letters, Steinbeck details his plans for the novel but also chats about his house renovation and carpentry projects. It is absolutely fascinating.

I’m less than halfway through; it’s very slow-going reading both in tandem.

I have no idea how or what I will write when I get to the end but I feel that something is stewing at the back of my head.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted the early Christmas present from Husband. Basically, he couldn’t live with me in my caffeine-deprived state. Regular mugs just don’t cut the mustard. I am, once again, the happy owner of a blue Burleigh mug. If there is a reader in your life, I can imagine no better gift for them (or perhaps for yourself).

The cake, not shown to best advantage is Nigella’s fresh gingerbread. It is one of our winter favourites but we make the icing with lime rather than lemon. It is very good cake.

Have a great weekend, my friends, we are nearly there.

16 thoughts on “Books about books.

  1. Teddy is brilliant, I’d love to be able to knit fair isle, not sure my basic knitting skills are up to scratch as it is though!!!
    I recently read “The storied Life of A.J.Fikry” by Gabrielle Zevin, it a book about books, really easy read and very enjoyable.
    That Steinbeck book of letters looks very interesting, I love Steinbeck!

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  2. So nice to know that the man you married knows what’s important in life….love the new mug…and your bear is adorable….I wish I would of listened when my mum tired to teach me to knit….I can crochet a straight line, but its been years since I picked up a hook…in fact know that I am thinking of it, I have given all the family hooks to my ex-daughter in law who is very talented….I love reading your post….and I do mean it one day…I am not sure when, I am coming to visit….and I can’t wait..!!!

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    1. Indeed…books and coffee; he knows me well! I’m still beginner level at crochet but I do love it. I can’t believe all my moaning about the weather hasn’t put off you Ireland for good…I’ll have to have a hot toddy waiting for you!


  3. What a lovely husband you have. Well done on the fair isle teddy – he’s handsome. I look forward to hearing what you made of Steinbeck. The Book Thief is the only book in your teddy pile that I’ve read (I loved it). My list of ‘books recommended by Lynda that I must get round to reading’ is getting longer… x

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  4. Thanks for this list. I’ve read and enjoyed many you’ve included. Books about book are great. Non fiction ones are great, but stories mentioned and recommended in stories are even more fun and encouraging in a way.

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