The Midnight Gang Might Cure You.

If my instagram feed is anything to go by, it would seem that there are quite a few poorly children propped up on pillows out there. We have been battling bugs here too, nothing serious but enough to make some of us feel quite sorry for ourselves. You might not believe me but I am here today to testify that this book really did make me feel better, much better.

I picked up The Midnight Gang after teatime and kept reading into the night to the very last page. It is that good.


My eleven-year-old daughter knows good books. I have learned to trust that when she leaves a book on my bedside table with a quiet recommendation that I should read it, I should read it. Previous gems have included R.J. Palacio’s Wonder and Lois Lowry’s The Giver both of which are the kind of book that have the power to make you a better person. Having read all of David Walliams’ previous books, I was prepared for  The Midnight Gang to be an altogether rowdier kettle of fish…Click here to read on.

8 thoughts on “The Midnight Gang Might Cure You.

  1. It sounds brilliant, you’ve written a great review. My children all love David Walliams’ books, we’ll definitely look out for that one. CJ xx


  2. I’ve always overlooked David Walliams’ books because, well, he irritates me… I think it’s because he was on tv and then he knocked out a few books and I assumed he got good PR for them because he was on tv. I don’t like small circles of celebrity, I dislike the self-serving luvvy culture. Anyway! Perhaps I’ll have to step out of my preconceptions and take a look 🙂

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    1. I admit, I felt the same. I never ‘got’ him on TV. The kids had to beg to make me read a book called ‘Ratburger’ but I was pleasantly surprised. He’s not quite stealing Roald Dahl’s crown yet but he is certainly stealing up behind the throne.


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