Relish, Reindeer and Melomakaronas.

Hah! Say that with your mouth full of cookies.

The sky is hanging about 12 feet above the ground. It’s not raining, exactly, but the finest mist is dangling there in the most exasperating fashion. It feels like a slight weight, a downwards pressure on the shoulders and the spirits.

I am feeling tired, perhaps under-caffeinated (more on that anon) and in dire need of cake.

If you fancy a delicious morsel pop over for a look at my melomakarona recipe and review of The Little Christmas Kitchen. I worked hard to make this a good recipe and it really is.

melomakaronasMelomakaronas are delicious Greek cookies, soaked in a spiced honey syrup and traditionally eaten at Christmas. We devoured (I say we because I don’t want to admit that I ate so very many) dozens of them as I was testing this recipe. The book, The Little Christmas Kitchen by Jenny Oliver was also a real treat. I didn’t expect it to have much bite but it caught me by surprise and really hit a nerve. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for holiday reading.

I went all out, hell for leather, on the Christmas preparations last week. The only problem is that there is almost no light at all so I have very little photographic evidence of my efforts. Here is one candle-lit photo which pretty much encapsulates my week:

Christmas Preparations.

Rudolf was the high-light. Isn’t he adorable? He is my very first crocheted toy and I am more than a little enamoured.If you are tempted, you can find the pattern here. He may get stuck with the name Rudolf Gilmore as I made him while watching The Gilmore Girls with my daughters. Anyone else watch it? It was terrible. Less said the better.

I realised in panic, as I opened my last jar of rhubarb chutney, that I was in imminent danger of having NO CHUTNEY FOR CHRISTMAS! Action stations were assumed, my most humongous pot was excavated from the dreaded corner cupboard and filled to the brim with the stuff of toasted cheese sandwich fantasies. We call it fakeymaloe relish, it’s not so far off the real McCoy and you can find my not-so-secret recipe here.

Chutney crisis averted, I moved on to emergency mitten replacement for the Small Girl. If these look like exactly the same mittens I made last year it’s because they are, but one size bigger. I used the same ball of cheap yarn that refuses to come to an end regardless of how many Barbie dresses and babydoll blankets I make from it. The Small Girl is content because they match every other pink thing in her life and I won’t be heartbroken when she inevitably loses one of them (never both). Just looking back at last year’s mittens I was reminded of this post which I must try to bear in mind as I strive to resist strangling my Teenage Son in the run up to his Christmas exams.

So, we were going well (errant teenagers aside) with the reindeer and the mittens and the twelve jars of chutney and then…disaster struck…my beloved Burleigh mug took a nose dive off the arm of my chair, bounced a couple of times and skidded out the door to the hall where it spun around dramatically before striking a tragic handle-less pose.

It has been carrying a chip on its rear end for months now but that didn’t bother me. This mug is a champion, a hero amongst mugs. It can hold thirty percent more than the average mug which is just exactly how much more coffee you feel you need when you reach the bottom of an average mug. This ergonomically-shaped mug also keeps coffee hot for a good forty minutes which is exactly how long you need to drink a thirty percent longer cup of coffee. Also, it’s very pretty. And my favourite colour. Sob.

I was quite prepared to live with a handle-less-chipped-but-otherwise-perfect mug but when Husband attempted to fill it he discovered a fatal injury. Scroll back up to the photo and see if you can spot it.

‘Yes, you can still use your mug,’ he assured me, ‘but only if you are willing to approach it sideways on and never have more than an inch of coffee at a time.’

The family have little pity. They are all greatly relieved that I, as opposed to anyone else, broke my own mug.

Since then, I have achieved nothing. Zilch. Nada.

I have sliced the top off my left index finger bringing a halt to all yarny activity.

I have thrice stepped in dog poo and some incontinent, foul fowl has taken a shine to the windscreen and bonnet of my car.

The laundry basket has complained to the laundry basket union about over-time and over-crowding.

I ordered pizza for Sunday dinner.

There is every chance that my Husband is writing to Santa as we speak requesting a proper, functional housewife as his old one appears to have broken down.

Here…the man said it:


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14 thoughts on “Relish, Reindeer and Melomakaronas.

  1. Oh wonderful, wonderful Alan Rickman. In a league of his own. I’m loving that Rudoph, he is fantastic. And wondering if my very limited crochet skills would stretch that far. Rhubarb chutney sounds delicious. I happen to have a freezer full of rhubarb. Such a shame about your lovely mug, it will have to be relegated to pen holder (crochet hook holder?) now I think. Far too pretty to be thrown away. I am chronically clumsy and always breaking things, so I tend not to have fancy mugs. But my favourites are both bigger than average ones. CJ xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh poor mug! Poor you, hopefully Santa will slip one in your stocking!
    Ruldolph Gilmore is incredible! I love him,and his full title!! How did you find the pattern? Easy to follow? Any feedback would be great, thank you!
    Hope you’re week improves and the sky lifts both metaphorically and in reality

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The mood has lifted but the sky seems to be literally falling down! Rudolph Gilmore was a joy to make, I loved seeing each piece come together. Everyone here likes this nose, by the way! No problems at all with the pattern, I particularly liked that you gave guidelines on positioning the body parts. That really did help. I’m hoping to make him a brother before Christmas!


  3. Ah, Alan Rickman… He was fabulous. I read your post then spent 10 minutes googling large blue and white mugs! I couldn’t see one the same as yours, though. I’m sure your husband and children will be on the look-out 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww I hate it when I break my favorite coffee cup…infact last summer when I was in the store that I bought my favorite one at, had another, I bought it too!!! I was thinking, still useable without a handle…a little sandpaper to sand down the sharp edges…but a frigin hole!!! Sweet Mary, Mother of Jesus is definitely called for…..I would of found some putty to put in the hole…LOL hope you have a new mug by now!!! xxxkat


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