A Muggle Mother Writes To Molly Weasley.

Dear Mrs Weasley,

I hope that you and your family are well. Poor Ron was given a hard time over all that Cursed Child business but, never mind, he is still my favourite. He sounds like a wonderful father and you must be enjoying having grandchildren to knit for.

On that, I am feeling a little resentful because you have given my children the impression that a good mother can provide an endless supply of Hogwarts-appropriate knitwear. No sooner have I tied the last tassel on a Slytherin scarf but the next child in line begs for a new jumper and she won’t be happy unless it is ‘the same as Ron Weasley’s’. If I plead exhaustion my children remind me that you provide a new, personalised, jumper for every one of your children every Christmas AND you throw in a box of homemade fudge!

I understand that you mean well but you are putting muggle mothers under tremendous pressure. I’ve tried to explain that the impenetrable mysteries of intarsia present no difficulties when YOU CAN USE MAGIC!

Please Molly (May I call you Molly? I feel I know you so well), could you give us a break?

Best love to you and all at The Burrow,


a jumper 'like Ron Weasley's'The muggle pattern for this Aran-weight jumper, with non-magical instructions for intarsia is from Blue Blog Patterns, here.

Slytherin hat.This Slytherin hat was knit using this rib hat as a guide but adjusting the stitch to match my mistake stitch Slytherin scarf.

Slytherin scarf with knitting pattern.Full instructions for my Slytherin scarf and a million photos for those new to knitting without magic can be found here.

18 thoughts on “A Muggle Mother Writes To Molly Weasley.

  1. Fantastic, they are all brilliant, especially the jumper, clever you! And done without magic to boot. Don’t forget, she usually knocks one up for Harry as well. That makes eight I think. But I don’t think they’re in the same league as yours. CJ xx

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      1. I used to tell my girls that I had ‘special powers’ …. I do – I can blag it really well! I am going to learn to knit and crochet this winter. You have inspired me and I thank you 🙂


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