Harry Potter, The Cursed Dad?

Here be spoilers (but not big ones ).



Has ever a book had such a build up? In this household we’ve had seven books, eight  movies, badges, games, colouring books and pencils beyond count, at least five dressing-up costumes (including homemade wands and hand-knit Gryffindor scarves) and one very serious obsession with Alan Rickman. Let’s just say expectations were high. Click here to continue reading…


19 thoughts on “Harry Potter, The Cursed Dad?

  1. What a brilliant précis. This whisked me back in time to when my children (now 22 and 20) devoured the books. My son even went to our local library at midnight dressed as Draco Malfoy (including slicked back hair and wearing a Paisley dressing gown ) in order to be one of the first to borrow the latest HP – cannot remember which one but it was a doorstopper of a book and he made the front page of the local paper. One cannot say JK Rowling did not give superb value for money. Draco was a bit of a hero as the actual actor went to our school. I like reading play scripts: Shakespeare, Chekhov, Tennesse Williams, Ibsen – it’s almost always better in my head.

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    1. Thank you.
      My Goodness, you have reminded me how much there is to read.
      I enjoyed all the plays we read at school. Pygmalion was a gentle opener (I had a clever teacher) and Williams’ Blue Roses have held a corner of my heart. I don’t know why, since then, I have never even considered reading plays.
      I can’t even say why I would assume a live production to better than the show in my head when a movie never is.
      I spent a pleasant half hour reading your blog this morning and I find much to admire there. I have a feeling I may have found another clever teacher.


      1. At first I didn’t realize it was going to be a play….I was wondering how they had already adapted it to the stage in London…lol my daughter had told me about it….I didn’t even realize it was out, so far just getting used to the new names, kids, added tot he story….kat

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  2. We did attend a glorious midnight book release party, though. I bought a fabulous witches hat made by a program for developmentally disabled adults so I am now set for Halloween for life. Costumer daughter is making me a spiffy velvet cloak to match.

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  3. Great review!! You’re such a talented writer yourself – I so enjoy reading your blog (and subsequent Bookwitty articles) – I’ve seen all the Harry Potter movies (being the mother of four boys) but haven’t read a single book – I might just be willing to get this play in my hands so I can continue the delight of Harry Potter!

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    1. Thanks Linda! You are very kind! I know there have been some negative reviews of cursed child but I really enjoyed it and would have no hesitation in recommending it. It is, however, a very different experience to reading the novels and I would urge you to read the books. They are truly great.

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