It Was Worth It.

The Sultanabun Family absconded to the Delphi Adventure Resort in Connemara for the weekend.IMG_0936

Our children were engaged in various exciting/dangerous/exhausting activities (surfing, kayaking, climbing and rolling around in a bog)…


…while Husband and I strolled at a leisurely pace taking photographs.


As  parenting techniques go, I believe we have discovered a winner.


It was a long drive to Delphi and a looooooooonnnnnngggggger adventure home. It was worth it. Well, I think it was. Give me a day or two to get over it.


We travelled in a two car convoy which brings its own stress and hilarity.There was a puke-stop, followed by a pee-stop followed by an engine-shaped-light-flashing-orange-stop.


My car and I were coaxed over the last fifty miles by the administration of copious quantities of noxious smelling liquids. In fact, for viscosity and flavour, I would guess the service station coffee and oil were interchangeable. Looking on the bright side, they combined to mask the lingering whiff of puke.


I must leave you now to go wash the bog out of our clothes.

It was worth it. It was worth it. (Repeat as required)

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