The Currant Issue.


Image result for we're going to need a bigger boat‘We’re gonna need a bigger bowl.’whitecurrants

Bowl? Yes, bowl. I pottered out to the fruit bushes, barefoot as usual, thinking there might be a few currants to forage…whitecurrants

…instead I discovered a monster crop and a fat blackbird helping himself to the buffet. Reinforcements were drafted in  taking the form of Small Girl and the biggest bowl she could carry. Thankfully, Small Girl enjoys this work as her tiny fingers are particularly well suited to the task. A pleasant morning of picking, bubbling up and licking spoons ensued.


Pick. Bubble. Lick. Label.

The girls made pretty labels for me. We hope that these will save husband from spreading jam on his ham sandwich (he did, yes, and didn’t even notice). I am in love with the Small Girl’s descriptive labelling style. How will I ever wash off such loveliness?

whitecurrant jelly, redcurrant jelly, gooseberry jam, Darina Allen, Forgotten skills

The whitecurrant jelly borrows exactly the redcurrant jelly recipe from Darina Allen’s Forgotten Skills that I used a couple of weeks ago. I love it because there are no hard sums at all required. Simply add an equal weight of sugar to your currants in a stainless steel pan, stir over a low heat to dissolve the sugar and then boil for eight minutes. That’s it. Darina Allen warns not to squeeze the pulp as you strain the juice through a sieve into jars but I couldn’t resist pressing out every last drop. And that is why my jelly is cloudy and would be spurned by discerning jelly experts. Not to worry; the savages around here couldn’t care less and this stuff tastes like old-fashioned apple drops so I’ve had no complaints. It’s tastebud-tinglingly good with a homemade pork sausage.

Teenage Daughter has been employed making meringues for me so that we could stash several Frozen Blackcurrant Meringue Cakes in the freezer. Do you remember this from last year? Without a shadow of a doubt, this is my best ever invention, my crowning glory, my piece de resistance. I implore you, hijack some blackcurrants and try this out!


While you’re waiting for the ice-cream cake to freeze you could indulge in some blackcurrant curd. Isn’t that soooo pretty?


If you’re planning a seduction, my free blackcurrant love potion recipe comes with a money back guarantee. I’m reasonably convinced that you could substitute ribena for the real McCoy in the blackcurrant sorbet. Smile brightly and assure your quarry, in dulcet tones, that you pressed the juice with your own fair hands.

Love Potion

Cheers! Have a great weekend.

18 thoughts on “The Currant Issue.

  1. I ate this post right up.. At least I wanted to 😄 Those pictures are delicious !!!

    You can’t wash away the labels ! Travisity !

    Decoupage ! Shellac ! Varnish !
    Something !

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  2. I like cloudy jellies. They are more mysterious than the ultra see through ones :-). I also like the look of the frozen meringue and shall borrow the recipe from you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beauteous jewels those jellies and I adore small girls label! As for that frozen blackcurrant meringue cake …. I have literally just picked myself off the floor after an almost catastrophic swoon! By the way, we have a village near here called Merangues (and yes I know the French pronounce it Ongues but I SO want to live in it in a meringue castle!) Toodle-pip!

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    1. Teenage Daughter has decreed that we must keep a version of that meringue in the freezer at all times. Then, when disaster strikes (flat tyres, skint knees, shocking phone bills) we can ease the blow with a slice of frozen meringue. I believe I have raised a genius.


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