A Fairy Happy Birthday.

The Small Girl’s birthday began with a note from her fairy friends, Buttercup and Apple Blossom. They have been visiting out house, via a special netherworld passageway, for several years now. They can be relied upon to exchange teeth for money although they have, on occasion, taken quite a few days to turn up. Once in a blue moon they leave a tiny note with a special message which, as you can well imagine, leaves us all in a state of high excitement.

fairy door

Buttercup and Apple Blossom had shocking news. Their forest home has been over run by tourists and so, much to our delight, they have taken up residence in the base of our tree house. Can you believe how lucky we are?!

fairy windows

They’ve even told the Small Girl that, while they must hide away during the day, she is welcome to visit their garden.

fair garden welcome gate

Unfortunately, their (lollipop stick) picnic table and Adirondack chair and (Lego) tyre swing are all a little too little for us to use…

fairy garden

…and they have requested that we water the flowers from time to time.

fairy garden in terracotta pot

As they just happened to have moved in on her birthday, they left a tiny surprise for the Small Girl…


…hidden from view and from the pouring rain.


Those might be the most valued enchanted story cubes on the planet.

We decided the fairy door deserved a few stickers as a Thank You to the fairies.

fairy door

Small Girl asked for, ‘chocolate cake with Smarties and marshmallows on top.’

That is precisely what she got, with a fairy of course to guard against thieves.




21 thoughts on “A Fairy Happy Birthday.

    1. I’m told by a reliable source that their is a fairy housing crisis so they would be over-joyed to be supplied with new homes! Hanley’s, Atkin’s and Griffin’s garden centres all have suitable building materials 😉

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  1. Delightful. Faeries used to leave tooth-related messages here too when the kids were small. Just read your Hemingway/ Fitzgerald post- great stuff and thought-provoking. I loved the old man and the sea many moons ago but suspect I wouldn’t choose to read it now.

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    1. Thank You. I have developed a fear that I will run out of time before I have read all the truly great books. For that reason I’m glad I’ve read Hemingway but I can’t take anymore…too sad!


  2. Happy Belated Birthday Grace…looked like the fairies just moved it….Bravo, glad your yard had room for fairies….and they will keep Grace busy taking care of there yard and flowers….I love it…..Happy Birthday mummie, after all it was your day too!

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