A hot, golden hush has fallen.

Just the slurp of a raspberry smoothie and sporadic sploosh in the pool.


I bet you didn’t know that July 19th marks the anniversary of the end of the ice age. Don’t believe me?

I slipped out of bed at the misty crack of dawn to write an article for Bookwitty. I was challenged to find ten convincing reasons to grow your own food. It turned out that the eleventh was the clincher. Read it here.

Right now I should be tackling a mounting pile of laundry, picking peas, digging spuds, walking the dog, covering schoolbooks or making a birthday cake. Instead I am compiling a list of convincing reasons to sink into a long, iced coffee.

5 thoughts on “Heatwave.

  1. Thank you for the Father Ted clip, one of my favorite across the pond comedies! Being from The States, though, I had to look up the reference to America and Snickers….

    In 1930, Mars introduced Snickers, named after the favorite horse of the Mars family. The bar was marketed under the name “Marathon” in the UK and Ireland until July 19, 1990, when Mars decided to align the UK product with the global Snickers name (Mars had marketed and discontinued an unrelated bar named Marathon in the United States during the 1970s). There are also several other Snickers products such as Snickers mini, dark chocolate, ice cream bars, Snickers with almonds, Snickers with hazelnuts, Snickers peanut butter bars and Snickers with Extra Caramel.”

    Oh great, now I am craving a frozen Snickers Bar!šŸ˜†


  2. That Father Ted clip is class šŸ™‚
    You only need one compelling reason to lie down right now rather than doing all those other things: avoiding heat stroke .We’re staying inside until it’s 4pm and safe to get back out again!

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  3. I tell people all the time that Father Ted is a reality TV show! Enjoy the iced coffee – I have recently (since the temperature decided that 88 is a cool day) become an afficionado of ice tea – I make it, don’t buy it because I don’t like the sugar content. Peach and lime is the current favourite. Bon canicule a vous!

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