It might be worth the mess.

I’m searching for a word to describe Teenage Daughter’s room.
Mess. Untidiness, disorder, disarray, clutter, heap, shambles, litter, tangle, jumble, muddle, mishmash, chaos, confusion,turmoil. Throw the whole darn book of words in there and add it to the pile.
 She’s a great kid. She is smart and very funny. She is thoughtful and helpful and great company. She is also creative. I’ve read that creative people tend to be messy. If the creativity is proportional to the messiness my daughter must be a creative genius.
It’s possible, I suppose. BUT, oh Dear God, the mess.
Man V machine. art , sculpture, robot, AI, artificial intelligence,
Just when I’m on the verge of making her move out to the garden shed, she brings home her art project.
The theme given to the class was Man versus Machine. Teenage daughter made this representation of The Mirror Of Erised, ( in which Harry Potter and his friends can see their heart’s deepest desire).
It might be worth the mess.

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9 thoughts on “It might be worth the mess.

  1. Wow!!!!! I’ll say!! Messy rooms are part of being a teenager. Just close the door and let it be. When she moves out you can fumigate it. Lol. And you will miss her and the mess more than you know. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. If creativity = mess then that is why my youngest is a Fine Arts undergrad right now. We used to call her ‘the stink-pig’ … what your daughter has produced is art. Let her be. Shut the door and let her be. Otherwise you will eat your own body and brain and spit it out and do the same again trying to change the wheel. Take it from one who knows and bears the pointless scars.


  3. What’s a little mess in a room that has a door….LOL close the door and enjoy the ride of a teenager…I love her art…well worth leaving her alone for…so creative…trust me she doesn’t even see the mess….as a mom who lived through the teenage years and wishes I was back there….embrace it…as it will be over before you know it…thanks for sharing her art…. xxkat


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