Brand and Growth and Links I Liked.

Small Girl was right. The sun has come out. The sky is blue all over, all the way round, a perfect shimmering sky blue.

So that’s why they call it sky blue, eh? I had almost forgotten.

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Down to business.

I have signed up for the wordpress Brand and Growth blogging course. Is anybody else having a go? It will be ten days of tasks to complete by the end of which I shall be transformed into a seriously influential blogger, a proper mover and a shaker.


Okay then, being realistic, I will hopefully get some guidance about what I’m supposed to be doing here. I am supposed to answer these questions:

Why do I blog? 

I ask myself this all the time and the only true answer is this; because it feels good. I’ve always been a writer of letters and this is my writing comfort zone. I’m sending a letter into the universe and hoping that a few like-minded souls will, at least, send up a smoke signal in reply. It makes me feel that, even if I am isolated here in my quiet house, there are people just like me, out there, beyond the wide blue fence.


If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams what would it look like?

A woman on the other side of the world sits in a coffee shop reading an obscure and unfashionable book. Her friend arrives, drops her bag and takes a seat.

‘What’s that you’re reading?’ asks the newcomer.
‘Oh, you’d love it,’ says the woman,’Sultanabun recommended it’. 
‘Really? Then I must read it’.

Something like that 🙂

I would also really like to find a way of making money from this blog so that I can keep doing it forever and never stop because I love it.


Set three concrete goals for your blog.

  1. Followers. I would be lying if I claimed not to care how many followers I have. Of course I do and I want more! So far, I have a total of 150 which is paltrey compared to others. I would claim that mine are high calibre followers; they read and comment and care. I’m going to set a goal of reaching 200 followers by September 1st. I have no clue how to make that happen but I guess that’s what this course is for.
  2. The first regular feature, which I began yesterday, will be a monthly garden update. I’ll let you know what’s growing, what’s blooming, what we are eating from the garden and what the slugs got first. I’m making a vow to be completely mostly honest with absolutely no very little selective cropping of pictures.
  3. The next regular feature, which I will begin today, will be a selection of my favourite links and tidbits from around the web. Let me know what you think.



Right. Let’s do that.

Drumroll please…..ta daah:

Links I Liked This Week.

Well, that was a bit underwhelming.

Get a free t-shirt from

I came across this site by chance. It is a book-selling, book-loving, book-talking site. They have a hub in Toronto and a new office in Dublin. If I have understood correctly, they are selling books worldwide through a network of independent bookshops. That seems like a great idea. I buy lots of books from Amazon but I do feel traitorous as I one-click a book.

Bookwitty also feature a wealth of bookish articles and conversations and they encourage users to contribute. I liked this article by Dr. Ken Beatty about fostering a love of reading in children.  I have linked some of my reviews to the relevant topics so, if you come across them, I would be grateful if you could give me a like. They call it a wit.

I signed up on wednesday night and received an email yesterday to tell me that I am one of the first 1000 followers which wins me a free t-shirt. If you get in there quickly you might get lucky.

Just to be clear, I am not affiliated to Bookwitty but I would like to contribute to the site.

Give up dieting. 

This is a great article. When I was in college I had an option to study nutrition. I regret having dismissed it in favour of food chemistry and I’m fascinated by the subject now.

While I remain a lazy, lardy lump, I have been making an effort to walk the dog more often and a little farther.

Watch James Cordon.

Am I the last person on the planet to watch the James Cordon youtube channel ? Just in case I’m not, link to it here.

I’m sorry to rush you, my friends, but I need to get out there with a trowel, or maybe just an iced coffee. Have a great weekend.

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19 thoughts on “Brand and Growth and Links I Liked.

  1. Great, will be good to hear how it goes. BTW, I may not bee on the other side of the world and I may be more likely to be in a pub than a coffee shop but I am the woman reading the books you recommend!


  2. Yes to everything!
    I haven’t heard of the course but I shall click on the link to find out more. I honestly don’t know what the secret is. Some claim there isn’t one but you see some newer bloggers pop up and all of a sudden they have hundreds (or thousands) of followers! Not that that is most important thing but it does make me wonder if they’re doing something I’m not. I comment regularly on the blogs I enjoy (apart from the bigguns- still intimidated :/) and I make comments on new ones I’ve found. I feel like we’re somehow not allowed to talk about this sort of thing… I look forward to hearing what you make of it all from the course.
    Also, I shall be singing songs from Annie all afternoon now.


  3. It’s always good to have goals! I would love to read your feedback on the course – and to see what’s growing in your garden…and to read your reviews on books and just ‘catch up’ with you! I read your blog like you’re a close friend 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like your style. I found that by visiting and following other bloggers, my numbers grew when they did the same. I think when you take a genuine interest in them, other people are attracted to your blog. Thanks for taking an interest in my blog. As you can tell, I like yours too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve been mulling this post over for a while. I love your blog – it makes me laugh and think – and your posts come across as very personal and passionate which I like. The trouble with ‘branding’ and ‘growth’ is that it can dilute what is special and different. I definitely have a problem with the seemingly unswerving juggernaut of ‘growth’ and I hate ‘branding’. Shame we can’t sit down and discuss over a g&t! Sam x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 fear not, Sam. There is no chance you’ll find me writing ’17 ways to make your bed’ style posts. I am, however, technically inept. I’m just trying to learn the language and be sure I’m not doing something completely stupid.
      I’ve been taken aback by how much I enjoy writing this blog and may be searching for a way to justify the crazy amount of time I spend on it.
      Thank you for those kind words. The blog would be pointless were it not for the genuine interaction with like-minded readers.
      Now, where’s my G&T ?
      Cheers. L.

      Liked by 1 person

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