Easter Table.

Easter. I love it.

Easter table decoration

The light is lovely. The air is fresh. The world seems clean and new.


Flowers are peeping out from under ditches, on river banks, in random corners of the garden and I am ready, waiting to pounce, with my secateurs and a large collection of empty jam jars.


Spring flowers seem to be the most emotionally and symbolically loaded. My first flat came with a garden full of bluebells. Put a bunch of bluebells in my hand and I am, as if my magic, nineteen again.


Primrose. Even the name is so pretty.


We have a weird table. It’s huge and wide in the middle. Generously proportioned, I like to think. Husband and I invested in a lovely pine table when we married. I remember the day so well. It seemed, to me, to be the most important piece of furniture and we completely blew our budget.We had very romantic notions about scrubbed pine but, happily enough, our family outgrew it. The romantic pine table is stowed in the attic and this is a recycled boardroom table that came from my parents-in-law’s attic. Such is the cycle of kitchen tables.

Easter Table Setting

IMG_9812IMG_9825Anenome coronaria

Oh, bluebells.


We are fortunate people with plenty to celebrate. So, we did.


There was  soya poached salmon with ginger avocado salsa from Rachel Allen’s Entertaining At Home. There are no photos (except the raw greens below) because my gusets arrived early and threw me into a tizzy. My in-laws have NEVER been early! I was still in the flipping shower. sigh.

It was good though, really good, and light enough to leave room for double desserts.


Jelly and custard trifle…

Jelly and custard trifle

…with sprinkles of course.


Galaxy golden eggs on top of the best, easiest chocolate mousse cake ever…

Trish Deseine Chocolate Mousse cake

…if you don’t believe me try it yourself. It’s a Trish Deseine recipe. Find it here. Seriously, make it.

Trish Deseine Chocolate Mousse Cake

Middle Girl learned to play Happy Birthday especially for her Grandad.


Too much wine and the focus softens…


…oops, definitely too much wine!

IMG_9862IMG_9867Trish Deseine chocolate mousse cakeIMG_9865

Easter. Yes, I love it.

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14 thoughts on “Easter Table.

  1. I can smell the flowers, the candles burning softly and my eyes are welling with tears at all the love you put on the table….beautiful……and the desserts looked yummy….what a special day you made for everyone….your home is full of love….its seen and felt by all….Happy Easter my Irish friend…
    Cásca sásta…..xxxkat

    Liked by 1 person

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