Teeny Weeny Shamrock Pattern.

My Granny always pinned a great clump of fresh shamrock to her lapel for mass on St. Patrick’s Day. Our big treat was to get a special badge from the shop, usually a tricolour ribbon with a gold foil harp or shamrock on it. Only a pagan would leave the house without some token of the day about their person.


This year I’m making my own badge. It’s both a teeny weeny shamrock, seamróg beag bÍdeach, and a teeny weeny pattern. My pattern-writing skills are limited to the teeny weeny.

ch1 chain 1.
sl.st. slip stitch
h.tr. half treble (or half double in the US)

Round One.

(ch.3. sl.st. into first chain) 3 times. sl.st. into the very first chain again to close what is now an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny shamrock.


Round Two.

Each little loop makes one leaf as follows:
(sl.st. into first chain. ch1, work 6 h.tr. into second chain. ch1, sl.st. into third chain) 3 times.


Now make a stem:
ch4, sl. into 2nd stitch from hook, then sl.st. into each of the next two stiches.


Finally, sl.st. into the base of the shamrock to secure the stem.


Darn in ends at the back of the shamrock but don’t cut them too short as you can use the ends to tie the little shamrock on to a pin or a hairclip or wherever takes your fancy.


Give each leaf a little rub. I don’t know if it will bring you luck but it will make it look better.


This one was made with Rico Creative Cotton, Aran, with a 4mm hook.

I made some smaller ones with 4ply and a 3.5mm hook. I think the pale green, which was a teeny weeny leftover scrap of baby acrylic, turned out the nicest.


My apologies for the poorly-lit photos. I’m blaming the rain.

I’d be dead chuffed if any of you were inspired to join me in the wearin o’ the green.

EDIT: Take a peek at the super-cute shamrock bunting, made from this pattern, over on welovelittlethings.

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14 thoughts on “Teeny Weeny Shamrock Pattern.

  1. I’ve passed this on to my ex-hubs partner who is much cleverer with the wool than me and will certainly have need for the Shamrock on St Patricks day. For me – well even with a teeny weeny pattern I’m such a dunce that it would probably end in tears so I’ll wear my green hat with it’s special ribbon as I ever do and be joyous that there is such a fuss made here that I could think myself back in West Cork 🙂

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