Small Conversations.


November 1st, 2015. Splashing through puddles as we raced, through the rain, to the car after pre-school.

Small Girl: Teacher says it’s Winter now.
Me: That’s right.
SG: Does that mean it’s going to rain every single day until Spring comes?
Me (scoffing gently): Oh no, not at all. There will be snow and frost and ice and some days will even be really, really sunny.
SG: Oh Mammy, you are so silly.


Mid- December.

Me (speaking to my sister, the soon-to-be bride): Buy umbrellas.



January 15th, 2016. Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Driving through torrential downpour to the wedding rehearsal. Small Girl in the back seat.

SG: Mammy?
Me: Yes, Sweetie?
SG: Am I in The Bridal Party?
Me: Yes, flowergirls are in The Bridal Party.
SG: Are you in The Bridal Party?
Me: No, Honey.
SG: But only The Bridal Party are allowed go to The Rehearsal.
Me: I’m allowed to go because I’m your driver.
SG: Mammy?
Me: Yes, Sweetie?
SG: What does rehearsal mean?



January 16th, 2016. 7AM, in  bed listening to the gentle tip-tip of mountain drizzle.

SG: Mammy?
Me: Mmmmn?
SG: Is it morning?
Me: I think so.
SG: Is it today?



January 16th, 2016. 6.30PM.

SG: Mammy?
Me: Yes, Sweetie?
SG: Is this a restaurant?
Me: This is a ballroom, see the chandeliers?
Waiter: Would the young lady like some fruit salad?
At this point Small Girl just about faints away with the joy of it all.


January 17th, 2016. Twenty past mid-night.

SG: Can I have one more dance…?


January 17th, 2016. Half past mid-night.

Small Girl’s knees bend slowly and she drops, ever so daintily, on to the dance floor, sound asleep.IMG_9002

January 18th, 2016. Splashing through puddles as we raced, through the rain, to the car after pre-school.

SG: I can’t believe Auntie K isn’t going to be an Auntie any more.
Me: Of course she’s still going to be your Auntie.
SG: But Mammy, didn’t you hear what the priest said to Auntie K?
Me: What did the priest say?
SG: He said to Auntie K, ‘You are now Husband and Wife’.
Me: Just wife, honey, Auntie K is just the wife.
SG: Oh Mammy, you are so silly.

PS. The woolly bouquet was made with leftovers from this blanket which I gifted to The Happy Couple. I bought a styrofoam globe and suck a length of bamboo into it so that it looked like a lollipop. I made a crochet cover for the globe by making a very simple hat. The flowers were made using lovely Lucy’s flower tutorials, here. I made a collection of small flowers using Lucy’s patterns for may roses, quince and small flowers. I added some leaves using the small leaves and fern patterns. I secured the flowers by stitching them to the ‘hat’, added a few bits of sparkle and finished the whole thing off with some stiff net and ribbon.

The little cross-stitch was fun to make and reminded me how soothing this type of stitching is.

PPS. I’m expecting a formal application from Small Girl to have her sultanabun name changed to Young Lady.


14 thoughts on “Small Conversations.

  1. I am pretty sure you need to sell those beautiful bouquet on The Craft Lobster. I will be first in line to buy one….very beautiful…..and I bet the blanket was gorgeous…what a beautiful wedding and you SG looked very much like a YL….kat

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Please share directions for making the bouquet 🙂
    PS – I’ll be 49 in the spring and have never been a flower girl, or bridesmaid,
    though I went to a lot of wedding since my dad is a photographer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Davette, I’m sure it’s never too late! I’ve edited the post to add some basic instructions. If I find an excuse to make another bouquet I will try to take more photos and write up a tutorial. You should follow the lnk to Lucy’s site and look at her amazing crochet wreaths which were my inspiration.
      If you decide to make one, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you along. You should know that I’m a complete faker when it comes to crochet…I’m just winging it and chancing my arm!

      Liked by 1 person

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