Could I Get Felted In?

I imagine that you have all been waiting with bated breath for the big reveal of my Navy Merino Wrap.


Me neither.

It was all Husband’s fault. We were having a rare ‘day out’ in town back in August, I think, and I tried on the navy hat. I like hats and I like trying on hats but I wouldn’t, even for a second, have considered buying the hat had not Husband been there to tell me that the navy hat was so me.

‘But I don’t have anything to wear it with’, I protested with a rising surge of new hat excitement.
‘Oh, you’ll make something’, he replied with such absolute confidence that I was swept away on a veritable tsunami of new hat plus new project euphoria.


It ebbed.

I think my mistake was choosing expensive yarn. Those navy balls were so deliciously squidgy and not even the teeniest bit scratchy and, on the day, I decided that I deserved it. I spend so much time devising projects that are made from recycled scraps or bargain bucket supplies, I was aching to work with something sumptuous.


I began to crochet a shawl and very quickly realised that I was going to need three times as much yarn as I had bought and might have bought an item of designer clobber for what this glorified scarf was going to cost. Back to the drawing board.

It was Teenage Daughter who suggested the compromise…knit it. I have it on good authority that your yard of yarn wraps considerably further around your shoulders if you knit rather than crochet.


A rummage in Granny’s knitting bag revealed a set of circular needles and I was off.

I didn’t want a triangular shawl. I knew what I wanted and I thought it was a very simple plan, basically a long rectangle with a square tacked on the side. The pink stripe around the edge complicated things in ways I still don’t fully understand. The moss stitch edging was intended to prevent curling and it seems to have worked. I would, if I had endless time and patience at my disposal, have knit the entire thing in moss stitch.


All the while I knit those looooonnnnnng rows of stocking stitch I wasn’t properly relaxing. I kept calculating how much the darn thing was costing.


It got huge and huger but, somehow, not in the right directions. The wider it stretched, the longer I needed to make it for balance. I did measured and re-measured and did more sums. I travelled back and forth to the yarn shop.

I wavered between,
‘just one more ball please, stop now, it’s grand and I can’t spend any more money on navy merino’ and
‘I’ve spent so much on navy merino, I better make it perfect, one more ball please’.IMG_7841

And on it went.


And then the rain came. And came. And came.

And even though the wrap has been finished for months I couldn’t leave the house in it for fear that the costliest thing that I have ever knit would be ruined. I have a notion that it would felt. I might even get felted into it. A beautiful, squidgy, not even the teeniest bit scratchy, navy merino chrysalis.

I could wait out the winter, warm and cosy, and emerge with the sun in mid-April.

It’s not a bad plan.


I have resolved to give the wrap it’s outdoor debut this weekend. If I’m not back next week you’ll know what happened.






15 thoughts on “Could I Get Felted In?

  1. Your hat and shawl look great together and are perfect for this cooler weather. You made me laugh at having to buy more wool. I always think (hope?) that I will need less than I do. My current shawl is a cheap make (acrylic/alpaca) but I wonder if it isn’t a false economy. Time will tell.

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    1. I bet we wear the cheap ones more! I’m sure it would be better to truly love something and wear it to death than this ridiculous ‘saving for best’ that I do all the time. Must do better at killing my good clothes!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your hat-shawl story, and ALL your stories. (especially the dog poop story and the one where you were sick and could roast a marshmellow over your ear!) I live in Idaho and found your blog through We Love Little Things. So fun to have friends across the ocean! Melanie


  3. Hopefully I’m not doing this twice, I don’t think I posted it the first time. I LOVE your blog, you have a very fun way of telling a story. It’s good to know there are friends all over the world cleaning up after pets! I found you through We Love Little Things and love both of your blogs (I live in Idaho).
    Can’t wait for your next adventure! Melanie

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