First order of business.

I’m not really back yet. I haven’t screwed my blogging head on but I need to take care of one piece of business.

I really want to send a huge thank-you, no, bigger… THANK YOU!!!! to Lynn of lynz real cooking.

Lynn sent a slew of new followers my way over the holidays for no other reason than that she is a sweet, kind and generous person.

A visit to Lynn’s blog is like making a trip to your favourite friend’s house where the smell of something good greets you at the door, a sympathetic ear is guaranteed and you know you won’t leave without the gift of kind words and a recipe for something scrumptious.

That is only the beginning. Every so often Lynn will sit you down and tell you a story. It is the story of a woman, a wife and mother, in an extraordinary situation. Ever so slowly, we have watched the burka slip away from an American wife in Saudi Arabia. It has been fascinating, at times horrifying and always a great honour to read Lynn’s stories.

Her writing is raw. She will break your heart.

And then she will mend it with a slice of peanut butter chocolate cheescake.

Knock on her door, here it is: lynz real cooking. Β She will welcome you in. If you are very lucky, she might ask that handsome son of hers to make you a cup of his secret-recipe coffee!IMG_7011

22 thoughts on “First order of business.

  1. Lovely tribute to our wonderful blogging friend Lynn….I agree she is a wonderful person, so full of love and kindness and blessed with a gaggle of great kids…..and I couldn’t be happier she is going to be a grandmother…..good job Lynda…..kat

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