‘Put a little light in her darkest day,

so she can see it,
Put a little love in her heart on the way,
so she can feel it.’

It’s a Wet Wet Wet song called Put The Light On and I still, unashamedly, love it.IMG_8736

Is there a Christmas song that goes, ‘I’m running, panting, trying to make ten times more food than we usually eat, trying to greet twenty times more people than we normally meet, trying to wash fifty times more clothes than I thought we could wear and all with two big curlers stuck in the top of my hair’ ?

No? There should be.

If some musically inclined person would please write that song, I promise I will buy it. At least, I promise that I will try to buy it because trying to is all I’m promising anyone these days.


Life is crazy, but good. Husband and I braved the rain to gather greenery. I pointed towards thorny thickets and Husband, bravely, clambered forth to make me happy. Our marriage is pretty much summed up there.


I can’t explain why this circlet of prickly green makes me feel so content. Fulfilled. It’s a pretty thing but also something more. It’s a victory wreath.


I had my own private Newgrange experience in the hallway at 9.58 this morning.



Reminding me


I’m glad


that I am.





17 thoughts on “‘Put a little light in her darkest day,

  1. What a beautiful wreath…and aren’t husbands wonderful when they do that little extra for us….gathering thorny thickets…I often stop on the side of the road and point out a specific rock I must have, he jumps out without a grumble and gathers my treasures…I even keep a little shovel and rags under his seat incase he needs help extricate my jewels or gather my sand…LOL….and isn’t it nice to be given those little moments, least expected of something so simple and beautiful as the sun streaming through a beautiful stained glass window….your pictures are beautiful and your blessed with a wonderful, loving husband, a home to love and I know you have the best kids in town!!! Merry Christmas…kat

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