It’s in the giving of a gift to another…

…a pair of mittens that were made by your mother.

I think we have already established that I love The Muppets, adore the Muppets Christmas Carol and tear up every time I hear this song:

Achievable goals and carefully managed expectations are, in my humble opinion, the key to a happy Christmas.

That said, I set myself the totally unrealistic goal of making a pair of mittens for each of my four children for Christmas.

Particularly unrealistic considering that I am not a brilliant knitter, had no idea how to make mittens, and had never knit in the round, until a fortnight ago. It was pure sentimentality, I couldn’t help myself.

It turns out that Christmas-mitten-knitting, as well as sounding delightful, is FUN!IMG_8194

The first pair turned out smaller than planned. That’s OK because there are hands of every size in this house.IMG_8207

I’ve just made mittens and someone has rushed to claim each pair. It’s like Field Of Mittens around here. Knit it and they will come.IMG_8417

I’ve used this, very basic, free pattern. I had a little bit of instruction and encouragement from this nice man. All the yarn is Stylecraft DK leftover from my Attic24 crocheted blanket.

Middle Girl requested stripes and open fingers for playing hockey.IMG_8416

Teenage Daughter is a big fan of ballet pink. This was the most relaxing pair to knit. That colour would lull you to sleep.IMG_8686

I didn’t think that Teenage Son would be too keen but he surprised me. He asked for full mittens with mis-matched stripes in as many colours as I could muster. Happy to oblige.IMG_8727

The thing is, they’ve taken ages because Teenage Son has HUGE hands! I can’t quite believe it.

Seventeen years ago, I was eight months pregnant and contentedly knitting this: IMG_8721IMG_8722

Santa brought one present; this guy:IMG_8719

He’s called Mungo, which means beloved and that he is. He had a lovely red jumper and then a second red jumper and then a blue jumper and, eventually, his blue onesie. Mungo-sized clothes are my comfort zone. IMG_8720

This is Baby Teenage Son and Mungo. IMG_8728

Can you see those tiny baby hands?IMG_8729

When did this happen?IMG_8724

Feeling proud of my knitting and maybe just a wee bit teary-eyed.

18 thoughts on “It’s in the giving of a gift to another…

  1. Wow I love this post. Another gorgeous heartfelt, warm oh my! Your knitting is amazing! I wish I could knit even a little square! I love what you said about goals and realistic expectations totally! You are quite a talented lady with many things to teach us! I love the sweater wow that is gorgeous and the mittens of 17 year old son and the mittens and sweater. Yes I know where did it go?? My oldest is 29!!!!!!! So beautiful really brightened my day!! love Lynn


  2. You are a fast knitter! Loving the striped mittens. My eldest turned 18 this year and I look at his baby photo and wonder where the time has gone. I didn’t make anything in those days so I’m grateful the little ones were born after I learned to crochet. I

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  3. I love those striped mittens – really fabulous. It is ridiculous how quickly boys grow from teeny-tiny to big men-children. My 16-yr-old’s feet are as bit as my husbands and he’s pinched his Converse sneakers! I’m impressed by your present-making.

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  4. All the mittens look great, but I particularly love the multicolour stripe ones. How long did it take to darn in all the ends? My son is 29 on Friday, and he still loves the things I knit for him. Hi to Mungo too!

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  5. Don’t you just love it when the kids surprise you…I love his mittens….the one you wouldn’t think would every wear them wants the most outrageous ones….beautiful work…love Mungo and his story….and yes brought a tear to my eye baby boy is 29…and my daughter is 39 that makes me way to old!!! sending Holiday Cheer to you my friend….Kat

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  6. How wonderful! Could there be an Etsy shop in your future too? If you knit them, they will buy. We have a Mungo in our family too, only his name is Groat and he is a dog. He is well-loved and “real” in the Velveteen Rabbit sense of the word, the very best kind of real.

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