A Christmas Scene.

Half of me loves this tradition of ours.IMG_8210

The other half needs tranquilising medication to get through it.IMG_8235

Teenage Son set up two amplifiers at either end of the kitchen so that we could have Wham’s Last Christmas in perfect stereo while we worked.IMG_8231

That was calming. It was!IMG_8236

No really, it was!IMG_8240

Small Girl waltzed around, waving her paint-loaded brush willy-nilly, dispensing custard creams to the needy.IMG_8239

I poured a myself a large glass of red.IMG_8241

Like all the best Christmas activities,

this one ended in tears, recriminations,IMG_8262

and me on my knees with a cleaning rag.IMG_8254

It was worth it.


7 thoughts on “A Christmas Scene.

  1. Ha ha, this did make me laugh. There is no WAY I’d let my kids paint on our windows. I’d have to be seriously relaxed after a good deal of gin. It looks great, though. Really lovely.


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