It feels like Christmas, doodle ooh.

Rehearsals have commenced for the National School Nativity Play and Middle Girl tells me that they will be singing It Feels Like Christmas for the finale.

I only had to think about this song  for approximately twenty seconds before welling up. I rarely make it through any school show without a sneaky tear escaping but this song, oh friends, this song will make a holy show of me.

Middle Girl is a good singer. She has a clean and pure voice that short-circuits straight from my ear to my tear ducts. She sang from the altar at her First Communion which resulted in a very shaky video-recording by her mother. Such are the exquisite trials of maternity.

Exquisite trials of maternity?? Blame Middlemarch. It’s rubbing off on me. Well, I’d like to think it is.IMG_8108

If not rubbing off, it is growing on me. This is the very slowest of slow-burners. To be fair, it’s really very good. Reading Middlemarch is like moving in to a new town where you don’t know a soul (and barely speak the language). At first (two hundred pages worth), no-one is going to tell you their gossip or reveal their secrets. Then, by tiny increments you get to know the characters and learn their stories. In exactly the way of small towns, the good stuff is all rumbling along beneath the polite humdrum. I’m hooked.

My progress is being severely hindered by the fact that every time I settle down to read I am distracted by the myriad other things I want/need/ought to be doing. Husband told me this morning that, when he looks into my eyes, he can see my brain spinning. It is! A veritable whirlwind of ideas spinning in my poor, tired head.

I have only three rows left to finish my Merino Wrap. Oooh, I think I stalled at that point because I’m concerned, after outlandish expenditure of money and time, that it won’t be wearable. Eeeeek.

I can’t wait to try knitting a pair of socks. Lucy from Attic24 has (AGAIN !!) infected me with her creative enthusiasm.

Before I can start the socks, it would make me happy if I could knit ‘a pair of mittens that were made by your mother’ (like in that song!) for the Middle Girl. There is just one obstacle; I don’t know how.

Spinning, spinning…..

There was one twinkly, sparkly idea that did get ticked off the list. Did you notice my Christmas banner up top? That was fun!IMG_8139

Be assured that I don’t leave that on my dresser for the entire Christmas. The sultanabun sign is back on my desk and my favourite mixing bowl is home again. The top shelf is, however, still pretty enough to make my heart tuck a little every time I walk into the kitchen.


Can you feel it? It’s here…it feels like Christmas.


7 thoughts on “It feels like Christmas, doodle ooh.

    1. No fear of me yet; I came to a dead halt last night with the DPNs. I might need to wait until I get the circular needles. Which do you use? Any advice to a newbie? I’m wishing I had asked my Granny to teach me!


  1. We were discussing our kids’ nativity plays yesterday with much laughter and reminiscing. My eldest was a very cute ‘Mary’s donkey’ when he was six and he kept standing close behind Mary to keep out of sight of the audience. We were persuaded to buy the dvd of each performance, so we have a fair few to look at if we feel the need! I love Lucy at Attic 24’s stuff. Very inspirational. The colours – oh my!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those DVDs are precious! The teenagers love seeing all their friends dressed as lambs.
      Lucy’s tutorials are brilliant: once you master the basic doubles and trebles you will be able to make every single thing on her site!


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