The Dreaded Lurgi.

I believe I have contracted the dreaded lurgi. No really, I have.IMG_7976

The grey has gripped me,IMG_7991

my bones are cold,IMG_7981

my new shoes are getting ruined by the wet,IMG_7979my garden has withered and drooped.IMG_7982

Time to retreat indoors.IMG_8008

I feel like this:IMG_7967

Wilted, ears ringing, scratchy throat and a head full of self-pity.

I need comfort,


and joy,IMG_7971

a square mile of knitting to snuggle under and call it work,IMG_7975


a little light,IMG_8007

and some medicineIMG_8001

and I’ll be grand.

11 thoughts on “The Dreaded Lurgi.

  1. Sorry about the November doldrums with a side helping of nasty lurgi. No fun. You might try my mother’s cure-all: a shot of rum, a tablespoon of honey, and the juice of half a lemon. Mix it up and throw it back. Tastes rather vile, but it works. Hope you feel better soon.

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