Seizing the day (and the trowel and the crochet hook and the boots and the shoes and the camera…).

We’ve had a frantically busy weekend. I have been seizing the day like Billy-o. A few hours after I signed off on Friday, with roses and poetry, I was hauling cement in a wheelbarrow around the side of the house. There’s nothing like getting stuff done to keep you sane.IMG_7051

I might have mentioned the giant hole in the ground last week. The entire family has been pitching in to fill in the hole with a fairly decent-looking patio. Woohoo!IMG_7068

IMG_7072Notice left and right on her wellies. This is my tip of the day! Small Girl can only read about twenty words but these two are the most useful! IMG_7093

Here I am, pointing. I didn’t know it was called pointing until after I had finished which was a good thing because I might have thought pointing needed a bit of skill or training, an apprenticeship of some kind. Instead I was handed a trowel and told to pretend I was icing a cake. Take THAT Great British Bake Off; I iced a PATIO!

Work was abandoned yesterday afternoon in favour of the Rugby World Cup. We won! Yes, again! Ireland stands now in the unfamiliar territory of having trounced France and feeling sorry for England. The injuries were appalling. The sight of Paul O’Connell, a rhinoceros of a man, laid out on the pitch has left the nation reeling.IMG_7043

On the home front, poor Bert came out the worse of a high tackle by Charlie. Do they make scrum caps in his size?

At half-time I alleviated the tension by planting the last of this years garlic crop. I was sorry to reach the end of my garlic plait. I was very proud of it.

Just as the match ended, the sun set in a blaze of glory. I’m sure you are fed up of yellow roses by now but look at this. This is a supermodel rose!IMG_7104

I like these sunset silhouette pictures. Me, in a tangle of flowers.IMG_7101

Our boots at the end of a day’s work.IMG_7107

More evidence that Charlie is right there beside me at every step. I have a dog. I didn’t really know what that meant before. IMG_7109

In more lady-like pursuits, I finished the crocheted guitar strap for Middle Girl. I made eleven three-round Granny squares from Rico Creative Aran Cotton. The colours were decided entirely on the basis of what I found at the back of a drawer. IMG_6995Sewing the lining on was the trickiest part. I didn’t do a terrific job but it still looks nice.IMG_7077

Middle Girl is the kind of kid who can take her mother’s embarrassing, homemade accessories and carry them off with panache. IMG_7081

She is a real joy to spend time with. On Saturday, we went to town on the bus, just the two of us. We drank Hot Chocolate and browsed in the music shop for new piano sheet music. There is something wondrous about sheet music. It’s like a magic spell.

This sweet girl has the gift of understanding it and knowing how to weave the magic.



14 thoughts on “Seizing the day (and the trowel and the crochet hook and the boots and the shoes and the camera…).

  1. I love the post! Wow you are one mutli talented lady, wasn’t sure how to say that but there you go!!! My son came last year and did the same, made me a patio out back! Your patio looks so nice and I am sure you will enjoy it! I love it– I still love the wellies and all lined up, adorable! The strap you made for the guitar is simply lovely! I love your new shoes and your skirt sounds very pretty! What a wonderful post full of fun things!! Thanks!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lovely photos and I love the shoes! I’m in need of new shoes that “I can walk long distances, wear with jeans and are waterproof”. Your blog is wonderful to read x


  3. What beautiful yard…..and a new patio…any idea whats going on it…new patio furniture, BBQ, a chimney??? can’t wait to see what your going to do on it…..what fun you have with your family…I love the guitar strap, good job…..and I really love the shoes….and love the fall colors in your outfit….those are my colors…great post…I enjoyed it ….thanks…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Gee, Thanks!! We have a looooong term plan for a pizza oven but that might be a fantasy. I’m really glad you like the shoes; Teenage daughter says I look like a Swedish Dairy maid but Husband assures me that’s a good thing! I love these colours too…much happier with a few layers on!


      1. Hey if the husband is liking it, that’s all that matters, LOL have you looked on the DYI website on how to make them…not to hard, some cinder bricks and mortar…be a fun weekend project….you pretty good with a trowel….go at it sister!!!!.

        Liked by 1 person

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