Simply Delicious Tomato Relish.

Teenage Son is digging a new flower bed for me. If I don’t get out there and supervise him things could go seriously awry so this will be a quickie. IMG_6657

Last week, in between coats of yellow paint, I made my annual batch of tomato relish. We call this Fakeymaloe Relish and Irish people will know exactly which famous brand I am faking. I think this is my fourth time making it and I vary the recipe slightly each time. I’m borrowing heavily from this recipe for Tomato and Apple Chutney from Darina Allen with a soupcon of influence from this recipe for Green Tomato Chutney, also from Darina Allen. IMG_6661

Last year we had tons of tomatoes from the garden so I used those. This year we had exactly one ripe tomato (I kid you not, ONE!) so I resorted to tinned tomatoes and threw in a few green ones just to use them up.IMG_6662

Half the fun of making this is trying to make it taste like the genuine article. This is a good batch. I think I’m 99% there. The real stuff is made about ten miles down the road from us; maybe an information-gathering mission is required.IMG_6663

The reason Ballymaloe Relish (woops, I said it) is so popular is that it makes almost any food known to man taste better. A cheddar cheese sandwich is simply naked without some relish. Even McDonald’s are using it!

If you don’t have access to the real stuff, and even if you do, try this!


2550g (Net weight) tinned tomatoes (or make up with fresh tomatoes)
250g green tomatoes (entirely optional)
(Imperial measure: you want a total of 6lb of tomatoes)
450g onions (2/3 onions, depending on their size), chopped finely.
1Kg (2lb 3oz) apples  (cooking apples or fairly tart eating apples), peeled and sliced.
900g(2lb) sugar
150g (5oz) sultanas
2tsp mustard seeds
1tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp mild curry powder
3tsp salt
1 small dried chilli pepper (peperoncino)
475 mls (1 pint) white malt vinegar.
4 cloves garlic, crushed.


This could not be easier. Pile everything into a large pot, stir while it comes to the boil and then simmer for at least 2 hours until it has reduced by roughly one third its volume.

Dispense into sterilised jars. I filled eleven jars which should keep me in fully dressed cheese sandwiches for the forseeable future.

Chutney improves with keeping.IMG_6674

17 thoughts on “Simply Delicious Tomato Relish.

  1. Now I have guests for the next two days (who I will then be visiting later in October) …. I shall make this immediately that they have left. I guessed what you were borrowing form as soon as I saw your title (genius incidentally) and I have eaten Darina’s original many times (house in West Cork so the Allen’s are kind of unavoidable in a very good way) …. I can’t wait to get stuck into you recipe and I will take a jar or too as a gift to my friends when I travel to Carcassonne to see them 😀


  2. Reblogged this on On the Road Cooking and commented:
    Your delicious sounding tomato relish reminded me of a treat my mother and mother-in-law used to make and I haven’t enjoyed in years, Green Tomato Jam. Yours is very similar but more of a savory where Green Tomato Jam is a cinnamony-nutmegy sweet to spread on a toasted English Muffin. I’ll have to dig up that recipe and make both!

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