Gorse Bush.

Gorse Bush. That’s the name of the paint colour I chose for our sitting-room.Whin or Gorse on Fife Coastal Trail.jpg

Colourtrend, Historic Collection, Luxury Matt in Gorse Bush is the full title (in case you want to avoid it). When a tin of paint has a name that long you know for sure that it cost an eye-watering sum of money. Yup, beans for dinner all week in Sultanabunland.IMG_6718

As I drifted off to Nod last night, I had that sensation of falling in my sleep. In the dream that accompanied the jerk back to wakefulness, I was walking across the sitting-room when I tripped and spilled a whole tin of yellow paint onto the floor. IMG_6719

I have, in fact, spent this week applying yellow paint to walls, skirting boards, door, architrave and shelves. Pretty much every surface of the sitting-room except the floor. IMG_6716

I have that sinking feeling you get when you’ve chosen the wrong paint colour.IMG_6717

I’m not usually a big fan of yellow. I’ve failed to discover any shade that flatters Irish freckles so I never wear yellow. Will I appear pale and washed out every time I sit down in the front room? Could I use this to my advantage? Whenever I want to sit and read for half a day I could sit in there and claim illness…maybe?!

When I close my eyes I see yellow.

When I open my eyes I see yellow.IMG_6722

I claim not to like yellow flowers (with the exception of Spring bulbs) and yet, my garden is full of them.IMG_6725

I’m a very cautious, risk-averse person. When somebody says that I’m being brave I immediately start to worry. Brave? Oh No, no, I must be risking something, what am I risking? Quickly, back up there. Husband has repeatedly told me that writing this blog is a very brave thing to do. He is scaring the bejaysus out of me! I’d stop but I can’t. I’m addicted.IMG_6726

This yellow seems a bit brave (is that irony? I’m never sure anymore). IMG_6723

Maybe I’m feeling a little bit brave. Cautiously brave.IMG_6713

No laughing at my gorgeous showercap halo. My hair has much in common with a Gorse Bush but I’m not quite brave enough to sport it as a hair colour.

3 thoughts on “Gorse Bush.

  1. what a pretty room….I think you made the correct choice…..I had a kitchen bright sun tallow once with white trim…I was making my daughter her blendered carrots, I made my own baby food for my first one…LOL well they were to hot, I was to impatient to wait and the lid flew off under pressure and my beautiful bright yellow kitchen was then spattered with bright orange carrots….took for ever to scrap off the walls, ceiling and floor…LOL kat

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