And Wake Up Where The Clouds Are Far Behind…


My very own blanket ta-daaah post, I can hardly believe it!


I started thisIMG_6604blanket back in June and have been working steadily since then.IMG_6598

I almost stopped at scarf size (read here) because I thought it would be a stunner but Husband raised a doubtful eyebrow and I carried on.IMG_6607

I’m still pondering how to convert this pattern into a poncho-type wrappy thing, perhaps in slightly more subdued colours.IMG_6592

I’ve had it in a basket beside my chair and it has become a comforting routine to sit down with a hot drink, search for my ever-escaping hook and settle to hook up a row or two.IMG_6595

The blanket has grown to a very cosy size just as the evenings have been getting nippy so I have worked on one end while the other end was wrapped around me. Crochet is such a practical craft!IMG_6603

I took advantage of yesterday’s sunshine to take some photos in the garden and ended up having way more fun than I had anticipated. IMG_6597

A big, straight-forward project like this seems to me to be the most anxiety-busting form of crochet. There is nothing at all to stress about.

I bought the yarn and pattern from the Attic24 shop and allowed myself the luxury of following Lucy’s colour choices. I did feel I was being a bit lazy but it was very soothing to just refer to the pattern and go with it.

I have needed soothing. It has been an unsettling week. IMG_6602

My dear friend and confidante departed this morning with her beautiful family to seek opportunity and adventure in a distant land. She will be an enormous success. Meanwhile I will be, well, take it away Richard…

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