The Making Of Bernard.

I’m racing now because I spent so much time this morning playing. Yes, just having fun. It feels so good to  do what you want to do, regardless of how unproductive it might be. My gut instinct is to justify myself but I shall desist. This morning I was a perfectly content but unproductive member of society. So be it.

I read Lucy’s tutorial for a crochet bee yesterday and I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist. Please, please click on to Attic24 and feast your eyes.IMG_6590

A plan to help save bees in Ireland was announced this morning. Of the 97 species of wild bee in Ireland, one-third are at the brink of extinction. One important part of the plan is to encourage all of us to think of our gardens as pit-stops for bees. Some bee-friendly plants are listed in this article.


I scoured my drawer of scraps this morning and found these three balls of Rico Cotton in aran weight. Lucy used DK weight with a 3mm hook and her little bee is close to life-size. I was forced to resort to a 4mm hook with the expectation that I would produce a giant woolly mammoth bee (new species).


I made a cup of coffee and settled in the sunny bay window with my phone balanced on my knee so that I could follow Lucy’s instructions to the letter.


I love all Lucy’s tutorials because she explains every detail with perfect clarity. That yellow was a tad pallid so I scoured my scraps again and came up with this teeny bit of orange and started again with my fingers crossed that it would be enough.


I know, he’s a wee bit lurid.


A giant, lurid, woolly mammoth bee (new sub-species).


I have a penchant for alliterative nomenclature so; Bernard.
Bernard the giant, lurid, woolly mammoth bee.


I brought Bernard out to the garden for a portrait in his natural environment. I thought he might visit the Bee Hotel but I was concerned he might scare of prospective guests.


I needn’t have worried. Bernard’s not going to scare any bee…




IMG_6627…or butterfly.IMG_6632



Oh, this was fun.

Isn’t that what we’re here for?

I can’t resist adding this:

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12 thoughts on “The Making Of Bernard.

  1. I love it! I can’t wait to crochet a bunch of these. My sister and I are headed out to Au Train Lake (about 30 minutes from Marquette, MI where we live) tomorrow for a few days, and I’m going to fill up the cabin with bees! ha! I just finished a granny square market bag, but have to line it now. I haven’t crocheted in years, but can’t knit well right now… so am enjoying the crochet. Well, I shouldn’t say I haven’t crocheted. I’ve made several doilies over the past few years from Magic Crochet mags. I love to crochet via the diagrams – instead of instructions.

    So glad you took time to do this! 🙂

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