Ross Poldark. Winston Graham.


Mr. Finch, Mr. Darcy, guard your pedestals; there is a new hero on the horizon. Captain Poldark has fairly taken my breath away.


I’ve finished the first book, Ross Poldark. I enjoyed it so much I braved the rain yesterday to walk up to Charlie Byrne’s for the next two books. There are twelve books and I am all aquiver to be at the start of an adventure with the handsome Captain.
I’m not sure what to say; it’s just a good story, well written. The young Captain Poldark is sent off to war as a trouble -magnet boy and returns a man. In his absence, his one true love has gone and married his cousin and Ross retreats to Nampara, his home, to re-build the family business.


I hadn’t realised how old the books were. They have a really pleasant, old-fashioned feel about them. The first book was published in 1945.  The BBC have twice adapted these stories into TV dramas. When the first series aired in the 1970s, it was deemed unsuitable for children (ie, me) and it was surrounded by an air of scandal.


I somehow missed the start of the new series earlier this year but it has had great reviews. I’m told that Colin Firth’s magnificent wet shirt scene has been superseded by Aidan Turner with a scythe. I will be looking that up as soon as I get home!


The photos are from the coral strand at Carraroe but I imagine the land around Nampara is not so different.


We had a lovely day today at this very special place. To the lady who recommended a midnight swim on this beach; I want the details. Exactly when and with whom were you swimming????!!!! lol.

8 thoughts on “Ross Poldark. Winston Graham.

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  2. I’ve had these books on my TBR list for years – ever since watching the first TV serialisation in the 1970s. Your review has renewed my desire, especailly as we’re now awaiting Series 2 of the recent serialisation. Cornwall is such a beautiful county – just thought I’d add that! 🙂

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    1. Cornwall, at least what I’ve seen on TV, looks remarkably similar to West Cork. There were copper mines in Allihies which I believe employed miners from Cornwall. The books are well worth reading.
      I think Series 1 covered the first three books so I’m not sure if I will get ahead of the BBC for Series 2. I might just sit back and enjoy Aidan Turner.

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      1. I think Aidan Turner’s the main attraction of the series for most women! 😀
        Yes, I think there are probably lots of similarities in the scenery of the two places. Still some old tin mines around Cornwall and plenty of moorland. It’s interesting what you say about employing tin miners for the copper mines over there. I didn’t know that, so thank you for telling me.

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