Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop

An act of imagination and generosity by one smart woman  has landed us in Galway for a week. We are staying in Claddagh, the very heart of the city, and are a stone’s throw from the beach. Even better, we are a ten minute walk from Charlie Byrne’s bookshop. This is, officially, the best bookshop in Ireland.



It’s higgledy piggledy, ramshackledy gorgeous.



Just look at that chair!



There’s a sorting hat in the children’s section; I’m Hufflepuff, Husband is Gryffindor. They sell chocolate frogs (Freddo bars) and have a special deal on invisibility cloaks.


This is today’s haul.
The weather is just awful; I don’t need any excuse to get back in to bed and start reading. You may not hear from me again for a while……

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