Irish Water Fliuch-up.

This photo is a fairly accurate representation of how the people of Ireland feel about being charged more for water. (I should mention, fliuch is the Irish word for wet). If you have been paying close attention over the last few weeks you may have heard me mention how WET this country is. Even the protesters have their hoods and umbrellas up. Paying more for water grates against every damp bone in our bodies.

Just after midnight last night, Teenage son ran out of his bedroom shouting that phrase which will make any homeowner’s blood run cold;

‘There’s water pouring through my ceiling’.

I pulled my pillow over my head and begged the universe to give me a break.

Husband managed to hold back the flood but the ceiling is destroyed. We had our new water meter installed two days ago. It seems the workmen allowed dirt into our system which blocked something which caused something to stop working which caused water to pour out of the tank. Aaaaaaah!

I am almost embarrassed to admit that we are one of the minority who registered with Irish Water and promptly paid our first bill. Because that is the kind of people we are. Good citizens who do what is asked of us, without protest.

I’m so tired of being a responsible, reliable, good girl. There is no gold star. That little seed of boldness I mentioned (here) got a thorough watering last night and may even be sprouting true leaves.

Irish Water are sending someone to assess the damage. I shall sit on my hands so as to resist making him a cup of tea.

Let me know that I'm not talking to the wall...

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