The Peak Of Summer.

Our happy holiday mood continues.

A walk in the park was forcibly squeezed in between torrential showers this morning. I met a lovely old friend and we managed an efficient picnic despite the four-seasons-in-an-hour weather. This little Moorhen family charmed our small girls.


IMG_5416IMG_5415My friend gave Small Girl a Lego set. In other words she gifted me an entire afternoon of peace while this was assembled.IMG_5420

IMG_5422It’s like one of George’s Amazing Spaces. The degree to which I owe my sanity to the Lego company is quite alarming.

My daily pre-dinner scavenge in the garden hinted at a turn in the season. We have had no summer to speak of but there are whispers of Autumn approaching.

Nasturtiums are taking over. IMG_5428

Our first courgettes are ready.IMG_5427

Apples look almost edible.IMG_5433

Crab apples are turning rosy.IMG_5434

Our tayberries are finished and the first blackberry has ripened.IMG_5425

I thought Husband was daft when he insisted on planting cultivated blackberries but it turns out to have been a genius move. Our bramble is thorn-free and produces abundant, huge, juicy berries.

Most symbolic are these Hypericum berries. We married in September and my bouquet was a posy of cream roses with Hypericum. I loved it and, consequently, love these.IMG_5437

After a protracted delay (her birthday is in April), Teenage Daughter’s birthday present arrived in the post today. To cut short an epic saga, Amazon compensated her for the delay by sending us this amplifier for her electric ukulele.IMG_5442

It’s a substantial upgrade from the little mini-amp that I ordered for her. Teenage Daughter is ecstatic; the neighbours, I’d imagine, less so.

We all had a good jump around the kitchen after dinner to the dulcet tones of The Sultans Of Ping.IMG_5445

Where’s Me Jumper? turns out to be a classic loved equally by the Youth Of Today and their Aged Parents. We didn’t see that coming, did we?

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