Love Potion Recipe (Blackcurrant Sorbet avec Creme de Cassis).

Love PotionYou need to wade through a little idle chat here to get to the Love Potion recipe. If your case is urgent, just scroll straight down to the end and call back to thank me later.

So, the blackcurrant odyssey continues.

If you were with me last week, you will know that I stripped our blackcurrant bush bare and converted the entire harvest into blackcurrant syrup (recipe here). We used some of the syrup to jazz up fruit salad.IMG_5261 Some of the syrup was upgraded to blackcurrant curd (recipe here) and there are two Blackcurrant Frozen Meringue Cake’s in the freezer (recipe here). So far, so very satisfying!

That didn’t leave a lot of syrup left to play with. The kids wanted sorbet but, when I searched for recipes, sorbet seemed to require whole lakes of blackcurrant juice. I decided to chance my arm. I made lemonade, added blackcurrant syrup and froze it.IMG_5286 Success; sweet, tangy and flavoursome.IMG_5287 Happy children tucked in and left Husband and I to our own devices.

Now, when I agreed to make blackcurrant sorbet, I had an ulterior motive. I knew that I had just a dribble of Creme de Cassis left and I wanted to do it justice.IMG_5285 This, I’m told, was the favoured drink of Hercule Poirot. I find it a little sweet to drink neat although it is delicious diluted with champagne šŸ˜‰

I urge you to buy, beg or barter some blackcurrants and give this a try. In dire need you might try using Ribena or some other shop-bought syrup but I can’t guarantee the results.

Blackcurrant SorbetĀ (a delicious, fat-free, vitamin-filled, anti-oxidant rich treat for the pure of heart).

Juice of 2 lemons and the zest of 1 lemon.
140g (5oz) sugar.
600ml (1 pint) water.
200ml (7 fl.oz) blackcurrant syrup.

Place the lemon juice and sugar in a saucepan and heat gently just until the sugar dissolves. Add the zest, syrup and water. Allow to chill in the fridge for an hour before freezing in an ice-cream maker or sorbettiere. It is possible to just freeze it in a bowl, whisking every hour to break up the crystals. You don’t want this to be rock hard when serving so, if it’s frozen solid, let it thaw for a while.

Love Potion.

Next, change out of your gardening clothes and into something more alluring. (Believe it or not, this potion is so strong that it has been proven to work even for those who stubbornly remain in gardening attire.)

When you are good and ready, serve up your (fat-free, vitamin-rich, who-the-hell-cares-anyway) sorbet and add the secret ingredient. Just pour over as much Creme de Cassis as you think necessary.IMG_5293 Eat it with a spoon, drink it through a straw or, you know, get creative……..

You should see results immediately.

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