Goodnight My Angel. Billy Joel.

image One summer night, I sat on the floor at a college party drinking cheap red wine. Sitting next to me was a sweet boy with lovely blonde hair, palest blue eyes and a fine pair of legs stretched out alongside mine. It was getting pretty late and I was wondering whether he ever was going to kiss me. I suppose I was also wondering whether I would like it. My favourite song came on. “So, you like Billy Joel too?”, he asked or something to that effect. Well, that clinched it. He was the one. Twenty-four years and four children (four goldfish, one cat and a dog) later we are still fans. The culmination of our fandom came in 2013 when we finally, FINALLY saw Billy Joel live in Dublin. We stood in the “mosh pit” (hah!) with all the other aging die-hards and sang until our throats were raw. Words cannot describe how much fun we had.

Last night, I sent my three-year-old daughter to choose her bedtime books and she returned with two boring Letterland books and this gem. I came across it a few years ago when I was scouring the internet for an anniversary gift. I think it came from San Francisco and the postage cost about three times as much as the book but it was worth it. It was second-hand but in great condition and included the original CD. The book itself is sort of old-fashioned. image It’s just the lyrics of the song with nice illustrations. image The Dad in the pictures looks like Billy Joel but better-looking (sorry Billy). image After sixteen years of bedtime stories and songs I’m getting quite tired of singing There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly. What I really love about this book is that I can just put on the CD and turn the pages while Billy does the singing. I also love that my children know this song just as well as they know Ten Green Bottles. It’s almost unbearably sweet to hear a three-year-old sing this to her teddies. If you don’t feel like searching for a second-hand book you could just play the song on YouTube.

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